Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ups and Downs

Mis queridos hermanos!

Come están ustedes? This week definitely had its ups and downs, but overall a very successful week in the Bronx! I do not know what transfers are yet! We find out Saturday, so it's pretty frightening. I don't want Elder Hinckley to leave me and my heart is telling me he isn't, but I guess we will find out this week!

It was definitely a bummer losing my wallet this week. I've been without money and basically without food for the past couple of days but it all got figured out, and I have a good companion that took real good care of me in my time of despair. That incident really did put a damper on the whole week, because I was kind of angry with myself. But I felt comfort like I always do when I prayed and read the scriptures. He really is looking out for us even in the small things!

My sadness was taken away when we had the most investigators at church that we ever had this past week! It was so much fun, but very busy. Trying to make sure everyone had someone to sit by and that everyone
was comfortable was a little stressful, but it was the best Sacrament meeting ever!! I don't know if I said in my last letter, but one of our investigators named Jose finished the Book of Mormon and even quit his soccer team so that he could come to church every Sunday! It's seriously so cool to see these people make sacrifices for something they know is true! I love this work loads!

The family reunion sounds like it was a lot of fun and a success! Thanks for filling me in on everything! The pictures were really cool! Keep on sending them!

There isn't much to report on this week really! We have been really busy with a ton of appointments. We haven't tracted in like the past 2 weeks which is really weird because at the beginning of my mission
that's all we were doing. Now we are running (literally running) from appointments! So much fun! The weather is actually pretty nice here right now. Just the last couple of days it has been sprinkling a
little bit but nothing super cold yet.

The Christmas initiative came out this week!!,! Yaaaaayyy. When initiatives come out the mission goes crazy over them! I'm sure you guys have seen it already but if you haven't go look it up right now! Ha nacido un salvador, or, a Savior is born! Pretty dang cool!

The Savior always provides comfort and comforts in our lives and I know that to be true. I was really down in the dumps this week about my wallet and a couple of our investigators, but I probably felt his love the most this week than I ever have! Because we have a Savior we can not only just overcome our sins but our sadnesses and pains. I know this is true. I have seen my Savior's love ever day on my mission and it's something you can't get anywhere else. I am SOOO grateful for Jesus Christ and his sacrifice. He lives for YOU! Love you guys mucho!!

Love Elder Brown
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