Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Baptism!!


Wow family, where do I begin! Such a crazy and exciting week! First off, it was amazing to see you guys and talk for a little bit on Christmas! That hour flew by like it was nothing. I really wish I got to say more and that I wasn't a weird, awkward missionary that didn't know how to speak. I promise I'm not weird OK? Haha, but really, y'all look so good and happy! I have such an incredible family.

What a great Christmas. Definitely a lot different from the ones that I have had at home, but seriously, as I look at it, it was probably my best Christmas ever. It wasn't filled with doing fun exciting things all day, or just chilling with family and friends, but it was filled with spreading the Gospel. It was a Christmas more centered on Jesus Christ than anything else. It was a time to reflect and think about our Savior and King. What more can I ask than that? After I talked with the fam we went home and made some brownies which we then brought to people and gave to people on the street. We had a dinner with the Lopez family. The wife and the daughter are the only members, but we all ate and had a good time just talking!

The real gift this year was Justino’s baptism though. Wow... I cannot explain the spirit that was present there. It was so tender and sweet. As we went in to change for the ordinance, he looked at me with a couple tears rolling down his face and said "BROWN, estoy bien happy ahora" (I am now very happy). The feeling that I got right then was indescribable. This man’s life was about to change. He was about to be clean of all of his past transgressions and he was about to start his life over again - a life dedicated to keeping sacred covenants. I was so happy, and I know Justino was ten times more happy than me!! After the actual baptism he had the chance to bear his testimony and he told a story about how he had attended all these different churches and none of them felt right. He had prayed that he would find the right church because he really wanted to follow Jesus Christ, and three days after he prayed we knocked on his door. I didn't know of this before his baptism, but such a testimony builder that we are sent where we need to be sent. After he told the story he kind of started crying and all the people there went and gave hive a big group hug! It was sooooo tender! The spirit was just as strong the day after for his confirmation. Now we are talking to him about being a member missionary and he has already referred us to two people! Haha, it's awesome! Love him to death!

Rigoberto came to the baptism and stayed for one after and loved them a lot! He is still super nervous to get baptized for some reason. Love him to death though! Continue praying for him.

Christmas was awesome! I'm excited for this New Year to be better, to work harder and to be a better servant of Jesus Christ. There's so many things I could tell you guys. So many crazy stories that happen, but time is limited! I love you all!! Happy New Year!

Elder Brown
Caiden and Justino - Christmas baptism!

With Elder Hinckley

Christmas dinner

Spoiled kid!!

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