Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Casi Christmas!!! (Almost Christmas)


It's almost Christmas time! Wahooooooo, who's excited?! I'm excited! Can't way to see y'alls faces on Skype! Just let me know what time would be best for you guys that I can call and we will try and work it out!

I just want to do a whole wide “thank you” to everyone who has sent me something for Christmas! You are all the best! I will write you guys thank you notes and send them to my Mother and she will pass them out to you guys after the Christmas season! (Hope that's ok mom) :) Love you all loads! It means the world!

This week has been pretty good! We were pretty busy at the beginning of the week, but just the other day Elder Hinckley had to go get his ingrown toenail out. He has been hurting pretty bad which has
caused a little slump because he hasn't been able to walk too well, but he is getting better and the end of this week should be super exciting! We have a mission wide Christmas party this Friday and then a party with our ward and investigators on Saturday so we are pretty excited for a fun week coming up!

Sometimes the mission makes me wonder. We knock on people's doors unexpectedly and when they answer we just start talking about Jesus Christ and our church in our broken Spanish. They can barely
understand us and hardly know what our purpose is but they still invite us back. We come back and they let us (two 19 year old strangers) into their humble home. We teach them. We can barely get our point across because we aren't the best teachers, but they listen and they wonder and they think. We give them an assignment to do and they do it. They listen and act on what we say. They come to believe. This is literally crazy to me! This week I realized how inadequate I was as a teacher. I'm only 18 years old and I don't know too much. I say what I know, but is that enough? Of course it is. I really gained a testimony of how the Spirit is the teacher - not me. Even if I can't communicate everything, even if I'm not the best teacher, if I am worthy of the Spirit then that is what will change the lives of these people! I know that's true! And it's the same in day to day life. If we are worthy of the Spirit and we have His constant companionship we don't need to worry about any decision or any trouble because He will guide us.

Our people are doing more than fantastic! Justino is getting baptized the day after Christmas! In our lesson yesterday with him he said to bring the papers and interview him now because he is ready! What a blessing! Rigoberto is still pushing along! He comes to church every week and does everything, but we gave him the opportunity to pray about a day for baptism and so that's what he is doing. He will get baptized in time. Hopefully before I leave this area or I'm going to be real mad! Hahaha! Willy (aj) is a stud and still pushing along and also praying about his baptismal date. And Jose, idk about Jose, he is struggling right now. He was supposed to be baptized this week but he left town and we haven't been able to meet with him since so please pray for him! Everybody else is doing amazing as ever!

Everything sounds good with you guys at home! I love that about grandpa’s journal! I would love to read that! I love them so much! I haven't heard from AJ, Logan or Zack in a while so idk if he got his call yet or not! I'll see you in a week! Make sure you have your questions ready to fire at me ok mom? Hahaha I love you!

That's all I have to say this week! I hope you guys have an awesome week! Email me questions separately if you have any! I don't like searching through the emails to find the questions! But I do want to answer them!

Love you, Elder Brown

Rockefeller Center

The famous tree and ice rink at Rockefeller Center

Christmas in a missionary apartment

Hangin' with Elder B!

A picture from the Mission Blog on transfer day

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  1. Love seeing the shots of NYC during Christmas. It's the best at Christmas time! He's rockin' it.