Thursday, December 10, 2015

Transfer day today!!

Transfer day today!! I'M STAYING WITH ELDER HINCKLEY!! Wahoooo! We are
pretty excited about that! We are called the district that stays,
because last transfer only one person left our district and now this
transfer only Elder Nutall left and so we are basically the same and
stoked about that!

Christmas is coming up and I am super excited! Like I said last week,
this new initiative thing has got the whole mission so excited and we
are trying to share it with every single person! I'm not sure what
Christmas is going to be like in the mission but I can't wait! What's
better than sharing the message of Christ's birth!?

So, a miracle that happened this week which was pretty cool... Saturday night
rolled around and all of our investigators had bailed for church. We were 
pretty sad about that. Sunday morning we started calling
everyone to see if they could come but nobody could, so we thought
nobody was going to come. But, as we were standing the the doorway
inviting people into the chapel we see one of our investigators named
Justino walking down the hall! We were so happy! He had told us
earlier that day that he wasn't gong to be able to make it, but I guess
something just clicked and he felt that he should come! He said he
knows it's the true church and is getting baptized the day after
Christmas! The only thing he didn't like about church was that all the
members were either sleeping or on their phones. He is ready to make a
change, haha. The members really are looked up to by the investigators
and really do have an influence on them. So we always need to be a
good example!!

Another cool story... We arrived a little bit early to one of our
appointments and so we decided we would just track one floor of this
project building. First door we knocked on this guy let us in and we
showed him the initiative video (of course) and he just started breaking
down. He began to tell us about how his child is in foster care and how
he misses him so much and we showed up literally at the perfect
moment. I LOVE experiences like this because it's just a another
testimony that the Savior guides this work. We are on his errand and
it's incredible how much Heavenly Father's hand is actually in this

Shout out to Sister Fowler! My dad sends me your comments on my blog
and I am so grateful for you and your love for me! Mom I haven't
gotten any packages yet, but I'll probably get it this week! I don't
really need much, but if you could I need another pair of pants. No
worries though. If you can get them. I need a slim fit pair. But don't
stress it!

We talk in like 2 weeks over Skype so I won't say too much, but I hope
you guys know I love you! I feel the Spirit everyday. I've never been
more tired in my life but I've never been more happy!

Love Elder B
The Zone

The Christmas

The District

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