Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas! See ya Friday!‏

My beloved family!

I seriously have the best friends and family in the world! I cannot thank you all enough for the kind things you have been sending me! I don't even deserve one present, but you guys are spoiling me beyond belief. Thank you bunches. I have the best supporters ever!

Christmas is in like what, 2 days? That's insane! It seems like yesterday it was August 5th and I was entering the MTC. Time really does fly out here! Can't wait to see your faces and laugh with you guys!

This week has been full with fun activities and lots of work! The mission Christmas party was way fun and way spiritual. Lots of special songs and hymns that really brought the spirit of Christmas and made me so much more excited to share this wonderful message of the Savior’s birth! We then had a great meal and just chatted with missionaries and then went back to work! Really cool to see everyone all together as a mission though! Then the ward party went really good as well! For some reason, all the Latinos like to show up late and so it started at like 8, but it was awesome and we had loads of people there! We had different rooms where we did different activities and then a huge dinner afterward! I love my ward!

But the best Christmas present of all is that Justino is getting baptized the day after Christmas! I guess I already told you guys that, but I am just so happy! He is really just like a perfect investigator. So ready to receive the Holy Ghost and make covenants - I love it! He is so excited and calls us every day to make sure we are getting ready for his baptism, hahaha I love him! Rigoberto and Jose are struggling right now for some reason that we aren't 100 percent sure about, but we meet with them on Christmas Eve, so hopefully we can figure out what is happening! Pray for them please!! Excited to see where some of our new investigators go! Lots of people are out of town for Christmas but we are still staying busy!

Yesterday we were tracting and we found this guy who let us in. We showed him the video and he was like, "wow I really like that... Could you guys maybe teach me more?" Haha, of course we obliged and taught him the restoration. He then wanted us to just teach him the rest of the lessons right there because he was so excited! I love meeting people that are just ready and excited about the gospel! The Lord really is preparing people, we just need to go out and find them! Miracles man... The Bronx is miracleville!

I love Christmas! I love my Savior! He is our literal Savior. Without him we are nothing. I love missionary work. I love you all. I love my area. I love my companion. I love my investigators. Dang... I love everything, jajaja! Have the best Christmas! And remember the Savior!

Love, Elder Brown
At their mission conference they all made these signs, took their pictures and posted them on a Facebook page called "A Savior is Born - NYC". Check it out if you'd like! His sign says "He was born so I could have an eternal family".

He didn't give us any details about this picture. Probably someone from the Ward.

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