Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving and splits‏...


How goes it with my lovely family and friends?! Man you guys really are missing out not being on missions. Really should be jealous because it is a blast and the bomb dot com! It's so fun to hear about all the preparations and stuff that is happening for the reunion. Really wish I could be there, but like I always say I would rather be in no other place than the Bronx right now! Make sure you guys take lots of pictures. Pictures of all the cousins so I don't forget them and make sure you tell gramps that he is skinny for me!

This week was crazy! I went on 4 splits in the last 7 days! So I wasn't with Elder Hinckley that much, but I had a really fun time! I split with Elder Nutall, my homie, Elder Prestwich, a zone leader, Elder Moss, the other zone leader, and Elder Nielson, the best missionary in the world. So I guess you could say I got some gooood training this week! It was quite difficult though, because neither of the zone leaders speak Spanish and so I was stuck speaking all the lessons by myself those two days! It was such a good experience because I was able to grow so much in my Spanish as well as my teaching abilities. We had some of our most important lessons those two days, so I was pretty nervous and scared, but man did the Spirit help me out! The Spirit is seriously like the coolest thing ever! I hope you all know that! :) The Spanish is coming along really well! I feel as if I am at the point where I can say about anything I want related to the Gospel. Other conversations are harder, but I'm getting there paso por paso.

All of our investigators are doing really well! And, in the past week Jose has read all the way to Alma 60, and Justin is in Mosiah now I think. Those two are studs! Everyone else is reading, but not that much! Haha. We have an investigator named Willy who is the coolest guy ever! He reminds me exactly of AJ! Just a little bit cooler! ;) Rigoberto is like a roller coaster. He will have those days where he is so ready for baptism and others when he is hesitant. We are praying that he will enter the waters before the transfers are over. I will probably stay here at least one more transfer, but Hinks will probably be out this one. We aren't sure yet though. We will find out in a week!

Thanksgiving week! How exciting! What an awesome holiday. I'm grateful for so many things. I won't take time to name them all because, wow, that would take forever but I am most grateful for my family, friends and of course the Gospel! Tomorrow for Thanksgiving we will be spending it at the house of Juan Carlo,s which I am stoked about. I will attach a picture of me and the zone outside of his barber shop. His son is like my best friend! Haha, I love him! We also have some important lessons on Thanksgiving so it should be a good day!

Wow, I can't believe Mckenzie got home! I swear she just left! Haha, tell her she better wait to get married until I get home so I can meet the guy! The shoes fit great mom and I got the Thanksgiving package! Thank you so much! I needed that stuff real bad! So thanks!! I am so grateful for you! Don't kill my truck on the drive to Kanab OK? I want that thing to be there when I get back! Love you guys so much! I know this is a kinda short letter, but I don't have a ton to report on just now. I love y'all bunches!! 

Love Elder Brown 
Caiden with a friend

Splits with Elder Nutall

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