Saturday, November 21, 2015

Prayers Are Answered!!

Family and friends!

First off,  thanks Britt and Wade for the package! Thanks for the letter Sister Norris! You are too sweet! And thank you Aunt Vickie and fam for the letter as well! It really does mean a lot!  Hey and Dad, could you send me my patriarchal blessing by email and also hard copy when ever you have the chance?

Man,  I love people! Haha, I think that really is what sums up my feelings about this week! THERE ARE SO MANY COOL PEOPLE HERE, IT IS INSANE! I'm not sure why I love the people here, because to be honest they are all pretty mean. But I have never felt more loving! Haha!

So, many prayers were answered this week and I would like to thank all of you for your prayers because man did they help! We had a lesson with Rigoberto on Friday and the Spirit was incredible! Obviously we talked about attending church because that is the only thing he needs to be baptized, so we really focused on that with him. After the lesson we felt prompted to ask him if he wanted a priesthood blessing to have the strength to come to church and that his back would not hurt so that he could make it. We had the member that was with us give him the blessing. By the end we were all crying and he was so grateful for that. He kept kissing our hands! It probably was one of the best experiences on my mission! Then on Sunday when we stopped by his house to see if he wanted to come to church he was already dressed in his suit ready to go! It was seriously such a blessing! It was the primary program that Sunday and he said he felt so good afterwards! We are getting him interviewed for baptism this week! Thank you so much for your prayers. Wouldn't have happened without them!

We have a really awesome less active family that we visit named the Arandas and they are like 30 and have 2 little kids. They are the best people ever. The father has been here working for seven years while his family lived in the DR. They just barely reunited and it's so awesome to see the love they have for each other! They are always so excited to have us over and to see us! They think of us as missionary's so highly and we have to hold ourselves to that standard. We can't be slacking off ever. We need to always be acting as if the members are watching, but more importantly we need to act as if the Savior were watching us. I love the Arandas though! Haha!

That's awesome that Mason got his mission call!! Tell him I want him to write me! That about Nate and Tanner is insane! So cool! It was awesome to meet your friends mom! They were so nice to me and it was fun talking to people that you knew! Dad, you are going to be the best home teacher, I already know! You're awesome!

We had a huge Thanksgiving dinner today as a district! It was super fun and that is why this letter may be a little short, because I haven't had much time to write, but today was really fun, I love my district so much and it's always going to be sad when we lose somebody during transfers. I hope you guys feel the love I have for my mission and how much I am enjoying it. The mission is definitely hard, but I like to focus on the good things and always just be happy! The Savior helps me so much every day! I am so grateful for Him. Love you all tons! Keep being member missionaries! 

Love Elder Brown
District Thanksgiving dinner

Caiden with Brother Peso, one of his favorite members

View from their apartment

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  1. The fire escape looks like the perfect place to spend a p-day eve. Oh the memories of sitting on those steel platforms thinking about the work and contemplating the state of the city. NYC is so nuts. Gotta love it.