Thursday, November 12, 2015

After The Trial of Your Faith‏...

Qué pasa familia? 
This week was a really good week! We had a good zone conference yesterday where we learned to be the best missionaries ever! More and more about the importance of planning! Wahooooo, fun fun! But as we learn about the logistics of missionary work and the ins and outs of how to do it effectively everything always come back to the Savior and I love that! 

Ether 12:6 says we don't receive a witness until after the trial of our faith! I am a witness to the truthfulness of this scripture! Like I said last week, we had a kinda hard time with our investigators, but we showed our faith and kept working our hardest, prayed more fervently than ever, and doing everything possible for our investigators, and it worked! Nobody bailed on us this week and we have a lot of people progressing and wanting to learn more! Prayer is probably the coolest thing ever! God really does answer prayers! It's not just something people say, but it really does happen! I love it! Rigoberto is well as ever! Didn't come to church again, but neither did any of the members because it was stake conference and so early in the morning. He is going to come next week we just know! Natan has a hard time focusing but we read with him and explain things simply so he understands and pays attention. Still hoping for his baptism later on! The sad thing is we had to drop the Estevez family! :( We haven't met with them in like a month and every time we go over they never answer the door! It's so sad, but I know they will accept the gospel later on in life! We have a ton of new people who I won't take time to talk about but keep these people in your prayers.

We seriously see miracles every day here in the Bronx. People stopping us on the street in tears because of how much they need what we have and finding people who are ready to receive the gospel. I want to talk particularly about a miracle and tender mercy given to me. The other day me and Elder Hinckley had to stop by the chapel to grab some things and as Elder Hinckley was in the bathroom, a worker who was working on the basketball hoop (might have been me that broke that, hahaha jk) stopped and asked me if I was able to give him a blessing. Obviously, I said yes and so when Elder Hinckley got done we went to the Bishop's office to give him a blessing. I guess his family was struggling pretty bad and he was like deathly sick, but he had to work to support his family. The Spirit was incredibly strong during the blessing, something I had never felt in my life. He was so grateful afterwards to me and Elder Hinckley for being there at that time to give him that blessing. What a great privilege it is to be able to hold the priesthood and be able to give blessings! I am so grateful!

What a great spirit that is felt on the mission, and I couldn't be more happy and grateful for this opportunity to serve. Love you guys so much and I hope you have the best week ever!! 

Much love elder brown 

Answers to questions 
1- I'm pretty sure I turned those in forever ago.
2-- No I haven't bought a lot of stuff... Stuff is just left in the apartment from other missionaries 
3--lip is just perfect 
4-- for Christmas the only thing I can think of is comfy soles for my shoes... I really don't care! 
5--clothes are just perfection. Wash is going great! 
6-- I clean the apartment every week. They call me the clean freak! 
7-- just from friends here and there... Not any constant weekly ones 
8-- haven't got too cold enough for the coat yet! Just the sweater and other stuff I have found in the pad.
9-- oh of course I know that!
These pictures are from today! We went to sleepy hallow! It was way cool!!


  1. How awesome. I swear I took the exact same picture when I was on my mission in NYC on that bridge. I've got to go dig out my old photos. He's doing amazing!

    1. Of course you did McKay! How could you be in that mission and not go to Sleepy Hollow. That would be the first place I visited out there!

  2. Love seeing you, and glad you are having such adventures in the Gospel.
    Your neighbors and fan club, Jon & Mary Linda Thomas