Monday, March 27, 2017

A new area and a new adventure!!

Hey family and friend!

Wow! Last Monday was soooo hard... so hard. Especially on Tuesday morning when I had to say goodbye to Elder Frei. I about bust out in tears. If you know Elder Frei, he never cries. I have never seen that kid tear up in my whole time with him, and he always makes fun of me because I am a cry baby. Well anyways, when we said goodbye I was the one crying and he was over there laughing! Hahaha, that sums up our relationship. Anyways, I don't want to talk too much more about that because it makes me sad.. I'll send some pics of just a few families.

I am so excited about the news to have a new little niece!! That's so exciting! I laughed so hard when I saw Mom jumping up and down freaking out! Hahaha, she hasn't changed a bit! So, y'all think the baby will come before or after I get home? My vote for a name is Shay! I can't wait to have a niece!!!! Congrats!

Things are going great!! We arrived to the area on Tuesday and found out that we didn’t really have anybody to teach. It has basically been like opening up a new area. We made a few calls to some potentials to see if we could set up some appointments and then we hit the streets! I don't think I have walked or knocked as many doors in my whole entire life! Hahaha, of course we are also pushing to get in with lots of members and trying to change the past culture that was kind of  in this area! And, we have had so much fun and seen a lot of miracles! Saturday, my birthday was legit! We knocked and knocked and street contacted and street contacted and we had gotten rejected like a thousand times! Hahaha, really my whole entire mission I have never really had someone slam a door in my face, but Saturday was definitely filled with that. In my head I was like "whyyyyyyyyy!" "not on my birthday!" (Selfish I know)  But, we eventually knocked on a door and a 15 year old kid lets us in. We walk up the stairs and it's like a huge Hispanic family and they just invite us in, fed us papusas (one of my favorite Hispanic foods from El Salvador) and we were able to have a sweet lesson with them! Definitely a birthday miracle! We also had the opportunity to be able to serve a man named Christopher who was in need of a lot of help. Christopher made my 20th birthday the best birthday ever!

Elder Munoz is great! He is a little fire ball and it's hilarious! He actually reminds me a ton of AJ. It's weird how similar they are! His parents are from Mexico, but he was born here and is from Colorado. I'm happy to be with him and to be in this area at this time.

We are teaching a kid named Harold. He kind of reminds me of me before the mission, and so to say the least, he is kind of a punk! His mom is a recent convert and is super-duper strong in the church and he is kind of going along with the rid. We are trying to help him understand and feel how important this is in his life. We have really high hopes for him though, and we hope to help him get baptized here soon!

Anyways, I love this gospel! I know I am here in this are at this time for a reason. I know President Smith is inspired and called of God! How lucky are we to have leaders chosen by our Heavenly Father!

Con amor,

Elder Brown
A farewell birthday party in New Rochelle
More goodbyes.

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