Monday, April 3, 2017

The atonement, Prince of Peace


It's been a great week here in Hunts Point! And Dad, to answer your question about where we are exactly serving, we are in Hunts Point, and we also cover Co-op City. Hunts Point is another area where they don't allow Sisters because of danger. Hahaha, I guess for some reason I am fit for these dangerous places! But no worries Mom, we will be all good! We are six missionaries in the ward! And it's probably one of the biggest wards I have been in on my mission as far as members go. There are us and two other Elders and then two Sisters as well! An amazing ward! During the sessions of conference the ward provided a dinner and chit chat type of thing, so we were able to laugh with and get to know a lot of the members! They are so strong and so willing to help which is a blessing! I have been soooo blessed with all the areas I have been able to labor in!

Speaking of conference, it was a bitter sweet experience for me - sad knowing that I won't be watching another conference as a full-time missionary, but that made it super special to me. I just about lost it listening to Elder Bednar’s talk! I can't explain how grateful I feel to be called to serve the Lord. Another thing that stuck out to me was when, I'm not even sure who said it, but he said that as we continue to walk with the Savior we can begin to see people the way that He sees them. I truly can testify of that. And, we were able to have an experience like that yesterday. We have been working with this super inactive lady, her two inactive sons, and her non-member boyfriend. The family was sealed together, but then the father passed away and they fell into some pretty bad addictions and habits. We have been working really hard with her visiting teachers and we got em to commit to come to conference. Well, we went to pick them up in the morning and they weren't there - it was devastating. The whole time I was thinking about them and how much conference would have been beneficial for them. After the first couple talks, we were sitting in the front, from the back we see them walk in. We hurry and rush to sit with them. They smelled like cigarette smoke, but they were trying. That was special to me. It was a reminder for me that the atonement works for those that try. We were able to, in that moment, instead of seeing their past we were able to see their future and their potential. Their names are Jacqueline, Roberto, Renordo, and Juan. That talk touched me for that reason. I would have to say that is my favorite part about being able to serve the Lord, that He lets us see people, not for who they are, but for who they come to be.

I love this new initiative - #princeofpeace!! Literally every time we show someone that video it opens up their heart to listen to more of our message! It has definitely opened up my heart more to receive the peace of the Savior. I can't say that it's been hard opening up this area, but it has definitely been a little bit stressful. Even with all the stress that we have felt there has been this peace knowing that everything is going to work out. Knowing as we put our trust in God that He will provide miracles! We called a former investigator this past week to see if they had any more interest in the gospel, and they explained that their husband had just passed away and they wanted us to come over ASAP. We were able to show her the video and it just helped her so much! Jesus Christ really is the prince of peace!

Sorry for kind of a scattered email today! I hope you feel the love that I am already growing for this ward! I love this place!

Con amor,

Elder Brown
A member from the new ward

Having fun with a recent convert

Caiden and Elder Munoz doing a little service

Caiden and Elder Munoz tearing it up in the new area of Hunts Point and Co-op City

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