Monday, April 10, 2017

God will always provide!


God will always provide! That was kind of the theme this week. I'll start off with the experience that makes me say that. So, when I started my mission in the Concourse Ward, Elder Hinckley and I would teach a less active man named Modesto. He was like our favorite guy ever, and in fact, we were able to help him start coming back to church! Every Monday we would go to his house and he would make us his famous apple smoothies and his little favorite dessert. We just treasured the time we had to spend with him and he loved when we came over and helped him. Well, just when he started getting active again he just disappeared. Out of nowhere someone new lived in his old apartment and his number no longer worked. It was the weirdest thing! And we were really bummed out. So, something that Elder Munoz and I are doing is we have a list of all the people in the ward and we are trying to get to know every single one of them and serve them in any way we can. And we came across a name - it was Modesto! After almost 1 ½ years ago I kind of recognized the name and I said to Elder Munoz that I might know this guy. We went and knocked on his door and some guy opened up. We asked for Modesto and so he went and got him and when we saw each other I was like "NO WAY!!!!!! ITS MY BOY!!!!" We were able to have a sweet reunion and it was a tender mercy for us after a long and kind of hard day to see that miracle. God will always provide!

I legit love fast and testimony meeting so much! I firmly believe that lives change on fast and testimony Sunday! We were able to see one of those yesterday. The family I told you about last week (Jacky, Roberto, Juan and Renordo) were able to come to church again this Sunday. It is basically starting from the beginning with Juan and Renordo because back when they were in the church they were very young, and now that they are in their 20's they have basically forgotten everything. Anyways, when we walked in with the family to church the Stake President was there at the door and just started crying when he saw them walk in. He actually went to the temple with them when they were sealed, and so it was a tender experience for both of them to be able to embrace each other once again. During the meeting, Juan felt the desire to bear his testimony. He doesn't speak Spanish too well so I was able to translate for him. His testimony was simple but powerful. "Whenever I come to church I feel happy, I feel like I am changing. In the name of Jesus Christ amen"! Missionary work is so cool! And God will always provide!

Oh my goodness, how I much I love the movie Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration! We had family night as a ward this week and we were able to watch that movie. The Spirit touched my heart and the hearts of everyone that was there of the reality of the calling of Joseph Smith! I can truly say that I know he was called of God to restore this church! I truly can say that I know he saw God and Jesus Christ. Truly what a blessing it is to be a part of God’s kingdom here on the earth.
Well, I love y'all so much! Hope you have a great week!!

Con amor, Elder Brown

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