Monday, April 17, 2017

God answers prayers and sends His Spirit.

Fam bam!!

Happy Easter!!!!! Wow, I truly do love this time of the season. The weather is finally starting to warm up over here and it was Easter and so there really is nothing better than that! We had a great day yesterday! We were able to have basically three amazing sacrament meetings, because we had the opportunity to bring the sacrament to some single ladies in the ward who aren't able to make it out to church. The Spirit felt in those homes is incredible. I LOVE OLD PEOPLE!! Haha!

With the whole Easter initiative the Church is doing we were able to focus a lot on that this week. We went to some train stops and set up some tables, passed out some Kool aid and shared the message of the resurrection. We actually found a lot of success doing that this week and were able to find some new investigators. Everyone really enjoyed the Kool aid. I keep meeting people from my old area in the Bronx. While we were doing the APF we ran into an old investigator that we taught in Concourse and now we are teaching him again here in Olmstead! God knows his children!!

We also had a sweet ward party this week for Easter! We did an Easter egg hunt for the primary and ate lots of food as usual! The miracle of the week came during the ward activity. As things were just about to get started a random guy walked in the building kind of looking lost. We went over to talk to him and he explained that his girlfriend in the DR is a member of the Church and that she told him to come check it out. He really had no idea about anything and so he kind of just showed up... and he showed up at the perfect time. We sat him down with some members and he really enjoyed the activity. The next day he came to church and felt the Spirit really strong. He turned to me during one of the talks and showed me a picture of the temple on his phone and said to me "this is where I want to get married". We are super excited for Francisco and for his future baptism! He truly was an answer to mine and Elder Munoz’ prayers. We have been praying and fasting to find someone with real intent and potential and God blessed us with someone who just walked through the church doors. He truly knows His children.

We were also able to go to the temple this past Friday with a recent convert named Jeyuri! He is kind of a wild 12 year old, but it was cool to see his attitude change as we entered into the House of the Lord. Every time I go into the temple I feel that, I feel like it really is His home. It was cool because just us three were the only ones in the baptismal font area and it was just so silent and the Spirit was felt. I treasure the opportunities we get to go to the temple.

Con amor,

Elder Brown
The APF (some form of street contacting)

Baptism trip to the Manhattan Temple

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