Monday, March 20, 2017

VOY A REGRESAR AL BRONX!!! (I am returning to the Bronx!!!)


It's kind of sad to be writing y'all again... I didn't want the week to end. It's been a sad one to be quite honest. A lot of hard goodbyes and a little bit of tears here and there. If you know me, I get a little emotional.  But, it was good at the same time, because we had a lot of tender spiritual experiences with people, and I was able to give my final testimony. Wow, it's crazy how much I have come to love this area and the people that are here. But, things have to move on, so I am getting transferred back to the Bronx!!!! I am sooo excited!! It's the other side from the one I was on last year and it borders my very first area! It really is a blessing that I will probably end my mission around the same area that I started it! And, I get to be companions with someone part of my heritage! My trainee, Elder Molina, trained elder Hadfield. And Elder Hadfield trained Elder Munoz, who will be my next companion! So, he just got done getting trained in Newburgh, and me and him will be whitewashing into the Olmstead ward in the Bronx! I am so stoked!!! For those of you who don't know what whitewashing is - it basically means that both the missionaries that are coming in are coming from different areas and so neither of them have any idea about the area! I'm so excited to be able to start from scratch and help the ward out over there! Transfers are always so exciting, but sad at the same time. It is most definitely a bitter sweet experience. Elder Frei will also be getting my MTC companion, Elder Pugmire as his new companion! So that should be awesome as well!

Anyways, the baptism went so good this past Sunday!! Such an amazing spiritual experience! She was so nervous! Haha, it was great! We had talked to her before about bearing her testimony after the baptism, but she was very hesitant about that because she is kind of a really shy person. Right after the ordinance we asked her how she felt and she responded saying she didn't have words to explain the joy she felt. We asked her if she would try and so she stood up and gave a very powerful, simple testimony of the change she has seen in her life! It truly is a blessing for me to be able to see these wonderful children of God change.

After the baptism Junior came up to me and whispered in my ear, "guess what?!, I'm next" and then shot me a wink!  Man, I am going to miss this place!

The storm was good! Hahaha, NOT!! I have gained a real hate for snow, but it was a great opportunity to serve! We were asked not to drive around, but to do weekly planning and walk around and serve as many people as we could. We were on a split once again, so we weren't able to do weekly planning, but we did get to meet a lot of people and shovel a lot of snow! And to answer your question Mom - splits are basically to help missionaries, inspire them, and motivate them in their areas. We have tried to go on a split with all the elders in our zone and we have had a lot of great learning experiences from each other.

It's sad to say that me and Elder Frei's era is coming to an end, it's been about 8 months together and he has really grown to be my best friend! I am seriously eternally grateful for the things he has taught me about how to magnify my priesthood and just how to be a better person! His service and attitude have inspired me to be better, and even though he hates the way I sing hymns in the shower and dance in the elevators he will be an eternal friend!

I get transferred tomorrow and so next week you will have the whole scoop on the new area and all of that! I love you all! Make it a great week!

Con amor,
Elder Brown
The Baptism!

The rest of these pictures are of his farewell to the people of New Rochelle.

This is Junior!

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