Monday, March 13, 2017

New Rochelle or heaven?

Hey family!

How is everything going? Like I always say… it's great to be able to hear from you all and know you are alive and well. I wish I could respond more in depth to all of you, but as you know, time does not permit, but I just want you to know that I love every single one of you.

Just a little update on the weather... it's still freezing as can be. If I didn't know I would have guessed I was serving on the North Pole. You walk outside and you feel like an ice cube! Supposedly, we have a storm coming in tomorrow with about 24 inches of snow! So, we will see how that goes!

We are stoked for the baptism of Luz this weekend! Pray that everything goes as planned and that the Spirit can be felt! Cinthya has yet to come around, but we were able to do a fast with her this Sunday and she said that church was really inspiring to her, so our hopes are high with her! We are planning Junior’s baptism for April 15, which is awesome but sad at the same time because if I get transferred I won't be able to be there. Hopefully I will get permission to come back and see it! Also, we are teaching a man from a part member family who is planning to get baptized on April 2. Also, probably won't be able to see that, but it's been so cool to be able to see a change in him as he has put aside past addictions to be able to have an eternal family? What are we willing to give up to have an eternal family?! It's a good question... think about it!

Gosh, I love this area so much! Haha, I wish I could explain it... I really do! I wish I could talk about all the amazing friendships Elder Frei and I have made here in the area. We teach a lady named Rosi, I'm not sure if I have mentioned her before, but she has investigated the church off and on for about 5 years now and she is definitely one of my favorite people I have been able to teach here on my mission. She has such a sincere desire to know if this is the truth, but just hasn't received her answer yet. It's kind of hard being patient… waiting and praying that she receives her answer, but we believe. I promised her I would be at her baptism no matter what, whether or not it is in a week or in 10 years I will be there. I've gained a true testimony that Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives. He knows us! How legendary is that!? God knows us, loves us, and believes in us! The gospel is so cool!

Well, there is not much more to say about the week! It was a great one! Filled with a lot of splits, so we have had a lot of learning and growing experiences! Thanks for everything! I love youuuuu!

Con amor, 

Elder Brown 
Caiden and Elder Frei

While on splits this week

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