Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving!...And service!

Hey fam!

So, I had this idea that I was going to do this whole recording message thing for you guys, so I made it and it was super good and cool and then I go to send it and it was too big!! Hahaha, so basically, I just wasted like the whole day making that thing and now I have no time to write a letter, but I will try my best to fit everything in!

This week was amazing! Thanksgiving was so excited... my stomach still hurts from all the food that we ate, but it turned out to be a very incredible day! I'll basically just give you the run down. It was weekly planning day and so we did that, afterwards we went and bought cards to write some thank you notes to some of the people we are working with and it was just fun to see the smiles on their faces as we passed by with a treat and a note! Those smiles are what Thanksgiving is all about! :) After that we had the first dinner. It was with the Bucay family, and they loaded us up with all different sorts of food. The plate was huge and you had everything from Turkey to salad to pasta, so already we were stuffed to the brim. After that, like I had mentioned last week, we were planning on making Thanksgiving dinner for Nerio at the church because he told us he didn't have anywhere to eat. We decided we would whip up a little something, something for him. The dinner was supposed to be at 6:00 and it was five o'clock and we still hadn't made or bought anything for the dinner. We decided we were just going to go to the store and buy a rotisserie chicken, some mashed potatoes, a pie and some soda and call it good. Well, we went to the store and who would have guessed that stores close early on Thanksgiving... who would have known!! 😂😂😂 So we were kind of freaking out, in like 30 min we were supposed to have a Thanksgiving dinner ready for 3 and we didn't have nothin!! In a bit of despair we went back to the church. As we pulled in a member was walking in through the fence. He stopped us and asked where we were going and if we had anywhere to eat. We explained to him the situation and he said that he would just have us and Nerio over to his parent’s house to eat. It was a legit miracle! When we arrived they explained to us that before Hermano Ramos had left the house they had said a prayer that the missionaries would have somewhere to eat. Then after the prayer Hermano Ramos realized that he had left something in his car that he parked at the church so he went to get it and met us there! God really did put him in our path so that Nerio would have a good Thanksgiving! It was a super cool story, but because of time I can't explain it too well, but I hope you got how cool it was! Haha, then after that dinner we went to dinner with the Mercados, ate a ton there and then finished the night off with our last dinner at Noemi’s house. It was legit a day just full of food. So, if you see pictures of me this week and I am fat just know that it is because of Thanksgiving. Overall it was a great day and it was great to reflect on all the things I am grateful for... I love life!

So, this Sunday we had a cool experience! A member named Tito comes up to us and was like, “Elders... I found a family for you guys”!! Now, as a missionary that's probably the coolest thing you could hear! He has met the guy at soccer night and had invited him to listen to the missionaries. The man said yes and he set up appointment for us that afternoon! So, we go and they were legit the coolest family ever! They just moved here from Honduras and are amazing! In the middle of the lesson Tito says to the wife... “have you ever met with missionaries before”?? She was like... “actually yeah, like ten years ago they would always come by our house”! Then Tito was like, “wait - did you get baptized”? And she said, “actually yeah”! Hahaha, so Tito, not even knowing this family or this lady, was inspired to first speak with the guy at soccer night and then figure out that she was a member... just a testimony to me that God really does speak to His children through revelation and that when we act on that revelation, like Tito did, miracles happen! We are stoked for them!

Anyway, my time is up! I wish I could explain the rest of things that happened this week, but the lame voice recording didn't work, but just know that it was legendary and that missions are cool!!!

Con amor, Elder Brown

These next few pictures were posted by the member's. that they ate Thanksgiving with

Service day, working on someone's truck

What better service could there be besides scooping dog poop!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your incredible experiences! Wow! Loving you, Elder Brown. xoxoxox