Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thankfulness! And weekend miracles!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I love Thanksgiving! It has become one of my favorite holidays! Especially here in the mission. There is no better time to serve than today! I could go off for this whole p-day on things and people that I am grateful for, and I would love to! But, time does not permit... I love you all so much. I feel so grateful for the people that have surrounded me in my life and have changed me for forever. Words can't express the gratitude I have for my two parents who have done everything thing for me and have always been the most amazing example to me... mom, dad, I love you so much! I'm grateful for everything you do for me!

That's so much fun that you get to go to Kanab and spend Thanksgiving! Say hello to all the family for me! For Thanksgiving we are going to get fat, just from member to member eating lots of food! And then at the church we are going to cook a surprise dinner for one of our investigators that didn't have anyone to eat with! So it should be an eventful day for us! What a great time of the year!

There is like a curse, I swear, that comes with transfers! And it's that like the week before and the first week of the new transfer everything just falls apart! I have no idea why, but it happens like every time! So anyways, I was a little bit down in the dumps this past week, but Heavenly Father pulled through like He always does! This past Sunday we saw an awesome miracle! So, it starts like 3 months ago when I first got in the area. We were looking through the area book at former investigators, and a name stood out to us. It said that he had a fellowshipper who was in the ward so we went and talked to him. He told us that he wasn't too interested, but that he would give it a try by inviting him to the ward party that we were going to have. Well, he came! We got to know him a little bit, but that was basically it. We didn't see him again until the activity we had the other week and he just showed up. We talked with him some more, but again, no real progress. All we got was a phone number. So, this past Saturday we were texting everybody inviting them to come to church. We felt the prompting to text him and invite him. He had made it very clear when we talked to him at the party that he wouldn't be coming to church anytime soon, but we thought we would go ahead and follow the prompting. We texted him and he said he would think about it. So, Sunday comes and we actually were having a primary program, so church started an hour early. We decided we were going to go early to church just to call all of people to make sure they were all coming. We get there about and hour early and at the same time we are walking up, Nerio, (the guy we texted), walks up as well! He came! It was a miracle! Haha, but what were we going to do with this extra hour we had with him?? Well, teach him of course! Haha, we were able to have an awesome lesson with him before church and show him the restoration video as well! And then he stayed for all 3 hours of church! He is a stud! We are super excited for him! End of week miracles are incredible and real! : )

We had a zone activity this p-day where we got to play some volleyball together and president even showed up! He bought us all pizza afterwards and so, as always. time is slim! I love you ALL! You're amazing! And you make me want to be better!

As I reflect on Thanksgiving, I think of our savior Jesus Christ. What a great example of someone who was grateful and willing to serve! He was and forever will be the ultimate example. I am so grateful for him and his atoning sacrifice. I know it's real! And I can't be more grateful for a loving Savior and for his church. We really are loved - how amazing!

Con amor,
Elder Brown

Caiden and a little buddy.

Caiden with his "new" companion, Elder Frei. They were actually companions once before in the Bronx.

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