Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Baptism! More conferences! And we are awesome!

I hate that it is November already! Haha, does it not just seem like yesterday I was in the Bronx with Elder Hinckley last November. Time is going by way too fast. And now Elder Hinckley has less than 2 weeks! Crazy, crazy, crazy!

So, what happened this week?! Well, the Baptism of Yari and Brayan went really well! It was on a Wednesday night at like 830, so we weren't sure if really anyone was going to come, but the whole ward showed up and a lot of investigators came as well, so it turned out great. It is always my favorite thing to see a recent convert after their baptism stand up to bear their testimony and say with surety that they know the church is true, and that their lives have changed. That's always a moment that I will forever treasure! So, the baptism went great! They were both super nervous, but super excited. We had the same feelings! Haha, I'm grateful for those two!

Halloween was like the best Halloween of my entire life! We had MLC that day and so we were taught from on high. Something that was the theme of MLC for this month was that we are doing a good job!! A lot of the time in our lives we just think that we aren't doing enough - and I can't lie, I have felt that before on my mission. I'm sure every missionary has felt like they can do more, but the fact is that we are doing a great job!! Seriously, we are doing better than we think! We have been talking a lot lately about what is a successful missionary, but this past meeting president had us ponder the question, “what is a failure missionary”? A failure missionary is one that doesn't try or who doesn't care. It just takes trying - giving our BEST! How grateful I am for that!!

We met the parents of Roxana this week and it was soooo amazing! They are seriously so awesome! We were kind of nervous at the start because her mom knows the Bible like a ton and is super active in her church, but she was actually so cool, and now she loves everything about the church! We had to push Roxana’s baptism back to the next Sunday because stake conference is this weekend, and so we are going back to the good Ole Bronx! Back to my hometown, but I am literally like soooo excited for her baptism!! And so is everyone in the ward! It's been legendary to see all the members friendship her and her family so well! Families like that make the mission the best experience ever!

Elder Hinckley is actually in Manhattan today with the other missionaries that are going home and they are watching the “Wicked” play! I guess all going home missionaries get to do that! So, I'm here with Elder Olsen again just eating a lot of food! It really doesn't feel like Elder Hinckley is going home and I can't believe it. I probably will be staying more here in New Rochelle after he leaves! Well, at least I hope I do! I legit love this place!

Well, it’s about time to sign off! I love you, fam and friends! You mean everything to me! Good attitudes make for good DAYS!

Con Amor, 
Elder Brown

Julian and Roxana

Imma queen! Jajaja!

Hartford Temple open house

The baptism of Yari and Brayan

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