Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Classic Mission Miracles...(continued from last week!)

Hola familia!

Why is time going by so fast? Can somebody please answer me this question? Haha, I hate it. I seriously hate how time is going by so fast! I cannot believe that it's already time for another call home! I am super excited to see you all! Make sure y'all have some good questions for me! I'll try my best to have good answers! Haha, Mom all these questions you have for me in your emails, make sure to write them down because it would be so much easier to answer them over the phone than in the limited time I have writing an email! Love you!! And happy Mother's Day!! Obviously, we will be talking on Sunday but I just want you to know how you’re the best mom in the whole entire world!! (Sorry to all other moms out there... You are all awesome too!) I love you more than a little email, letter or words can even describe! I hope you have the best day! Love you loads!

Another great week here in Newburgh! Still doing a lot of finding, but we have focused a lot more on the now progressing investigators that we have. This last Monday we had a noche de hogar (Family Night) at this part member family’s house and I love them sooooo much! Their name is the Chirinos family and they are so cool! Adolfo, the dad, is just getting reactivated in the church after being gone for almost 20 years, and his girlfriend is an amazing investigator! She is so ready to be baptized, but the only thing holding her back is the fact that they aren't married. (That seems to be the case with LITERALLY EVERYONE!) So we are trying to get them married as soon as possible so that Elliuth, the mom, can be baptized. These guys are seriously the coolest people I have ever met in my life! Please pray that everything can work out with them!

So the black guy that I talked about last time – his name is Israel! And he is super cool! We went back to see him again and he had begun reading the Book of Mormon and he had marked all of the things that he liked and the questions he had. And he said that it all just made sense! Haha, super awesome guy! We had to pass him off to the English elders though because he doesn't know Spanish, which is a bummer, but the English elder here in Newburgh is actually Elder Richard Hill, and if you don't recognize that name he played on the Strikers team with me way back when with coach Frost! Haha, it's a small world after all! So he will treat Israel good! :)

President Smith was pretty stoked about the progress he is seeing in the area, and so he called us the other day just to see what was going on down here in Newburgh. He is actually going to spend the day with us tomorrow while we proselyte so we are pretty nervous, haha. Pray that the spirit will be with us to guide us to the places we need to go! Haha!

Just a short miracle for the week... It's another one of those classic missionary miracles that you always hear, but they are the best kind, right? Haha, so this day EVERY SINGLE ONE of our appointments fell through, and basically, this day was just finding. And let me tell you... Days like that are really really tiring. Well, it was getting close to the end of the day and we were walking back home and Elder Nielsen got a prompting to knock this door that we had already probably knocked like a thousand times up to this point. Well, we did and these two sisters from Puerto Rico opened up. We showed them a quick little video and they were both in tears. The Spirit was incredible in that lesson. Elder Nielson’s testimony is a killer! Makes people cry every time! Haha, but anyways they ended up being super cool! They are progressing really well now and we hope to see them baptized in the coming month! Their names are Nicole and Brenda!

Thoughts on Elder Uchtdorf’s talk in priesthood! The words that stuck out to me most while I was reading this talk was the ones that Mom mentioned in her comments. What legacy do I want to leave? I think this applies to every aspect of life, not just the family. We teach the youth at church, and recently we have been focusing a ton on little decisions and the impact they have on our eternal destination. The choices we make now will affect our legacy! The question is, what kind of legacy do we really want to leave? After reading this talk again I hope to base every decision I make on how that will reflect on my legacy. Haha, I know that had nothing really to do about families, but that's what just came to my head! Haha, I love my family. You guys are sooo cool!

I love you all so much! Can't wait to see you on Sunday!!

Love Elder Brown

This and the following one were taken at a place called Highland Falls

This one he titled "teenage girls". Haha!

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