Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The legendary week!‏

Wow, I don't even know where to begin with this week! This week was such a legendary week! BEST WEEK OF MY MISSION SO FAR! Haha, no joke though! So many crazy things went down and we saw like loads of miracles!

First off, I want to say happy birthday to the best mom in the world!! I can't believe you are finally turning 40! ;) Haha, I hope your birthday was the best day ever and that you enjoyed it! It sounds like you and dad weren't lacking in the fun department this past weekend! Haha, I'm getting something sent to you pronto. Sorry for my lateness! Also, happy birthday to the coolest sisters in town these next few days! I love you all so very much! You guys are the best! Everyone is just growing up so fast it's insane!

I guess I will start off with a couple crazy stories.... (Mom if you don't want to get scared don't read this!) Haha, I probably shouldn't say this, but then I would be leaving you guys out of all the fun stuff, so I have to say it! Haha, so we were talking to this guy on his porch and he decided he was going to call his friend over. When his friend arrived he started going crazy on us! Yelling, screaming, spitting, and all sorts of other crazy stuff! Me and Elder Nielsen just stood there and took the worst verbal beating I have ever received ever in my life... Not saying a word we tried to leave the scene peacefully, but he wasn't going to have that happen. He then started to get a little physical with us... Pushing and shoving and eventually he had his hands around our throats. Well, at this point we got a little scared, haha, he cooled down a little bit and we told him that we had to go. Then, as we were about to walk away he pulled a huge kitchen knife out from his pants and told us we couldn't go. Haha, well, we waited for a little and then he hurried inside his house to get something and we took off running! Haha, so that was a fun experience. It wasn't as sketchy as it sounds mom I promise! Haha, it's was actually pretty cool! My testimony strengthened. Well, the next story is when we were knocking a door to do a less active lookup, and a little kid opened the door and we saw this HUGE dog from the back of the room start barreling towards us. And this dog was massive! So me and Elder Nielsen started running for our lives! Haha, and this door happened to be on the third story of a little apartment building and so we were running as fast as we could down these stairs, but the dog was getting closer and closer and so we jumped off the side of the railing and ran out the front door to the apartment building. As we ran out, one of our Street Homies slammed the door behind us and locked the dog inside. He then said "I ain't never seen two white boys do such athletic moves in my life before, y'all must play ball!" Haha, memories!! Words can't do these stories justice... Just know that they were legendary!

We found some awesome people this week! While me and Elder Guerra were on a split we street contacted into this super cool guy named Carlos. Super humble guy who really has a desire to change his life around. Well, the next day me and Elder Nielsen were doing some tracting and knocked into this ladies door. Turns out she has been a member for a super long time and stopped coming to church because her new husband was against the church. She was super cool though and we set up a time we could come back. We came back and the man named Carlos turned out to be her husband, and her son was actually a missionary and his wife isn't a member and they are all so cool! Carlos will be getting baptized here soon after they come to church a couple times and Gladis (the member lady) and Lester (her son) are super excited to be back in the gospel! It's a small world after all!!

30 minutes after that cool experience we knocked into another lady who just moved here from Mexico a year ago and has been a less active her whole 2 years in the church! She was super awesome and also lives with a ton of non-members, which is a straight up gold mine. We have got some super high hopes for them as well!! Loving life here in Newburgh!

I haven't had time to read the talk of the week, because I just barely found out what talk it was, so I will share my comments on that one next week if that would be ok with y'all! We also just had like a super legendary zone conference yesterday and my mind got blown! President Smith is like a missionary wizard! Haha, we focused a lot on part member families, and so it tied in perfectly with the work that we are already doing up here! Thanks so much for everything guys! I love you all so much! Mom, Britt, and Lacee, I hope your birthdays are amazing! I'll be celebrating over here in New York for you guys! Have the best week ever!


Love, Elder Brown
Ran into a high school friend who now attends West Point.

Birthday cake at the Chirinos family's home

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  1. Good old Newburgh. Probably the roughest place I lived. For me, it even beat Brooklyn which is saying something. I think Newburgh was the only place I was actually physically assaulted. It appears Caiden is having similar experiences. It's beautiful in that it is along the Hudson river but it for some reason certainly is a bit of a rough place. And I met some of the best people there. The gospel is needed in all areas!