Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Magnificent Change!

Hey the best family in the entire world!

Wow... This week was so amazing. I've had multiple experiences this past week that will and have changed my life for forever! Very, very tender experiences. I don't have too much time to write this week! Me and Elder Nielsen are going to this super duper cool hike in our mission, so maybe when we get back I will attach some cool pictures!( Oh and dad don't you dare add those pictures from zone conference on my blog or I will be mad! Haha we really don't look that fat!)

Oh, and just another shout out to the wonderful ladies in my life! Mom, Brittany and Lacee! I'm such an awful brother and son. I have yet to get even a letter sent out to you guys! I just want you guys to know that I think you are amazing. And each one of you have affected my life in so many ways. Your examples do not go unnoticed! LOVE YOUUUUU!

Things are going pretty well here in good ole Newburgh! No life threatening experiences this week, besides another dog encounter, so that is good! My love for these people is starting to go out the wazoo! Haha, they are seriously so cool and so humble! The other day we were walking down the street and during the day there are always tons of kids just playing around in the streets. Every time we see them we make sure we give them pictures of Jesus. Well, this past week we had some tender experiences with that. This one kid came up to us and he said that he hung the picture above his bed and he kisses it every night before he goes to sleep and he said he would like another one. As we were walking and talking he saw his mom and while freaking out he said, "HEY HEY HEY! LOOK THATS MY MOM! GO GIVE HER A PICTURE TOO! SHE REALLY REALLY NEEDS JESUS!" So we went and talked to her and got a return appointment! Haha, getting those referrals from the little kids, yaaalllll Haha, another girl we gave a picture of Jesus to just started to cry when she saw it and wrapped her little arms around our legs and whispered " I love Jesus so much"! She wouldn't let go and so we had to give her a hand full of pictures to get her to let go of us! Haha, it's so cute seeing how much these little kids love Jesus Christ! I love him to!! 

I have seen change in people this week. I love that word change! It's so cool that we have the potential to be different. To leave behind past transgressions or habits and to start over again. That’s probably one of my favorite things about being a missionary. Being able to see the gospel change these people’s lives. It was cool to see our investigator Carlos and his member wife Gladis who used to be drunks sitting in sacrament meeting, participating in gospel principles class and praying to receive help to overcome an addiction so they can be sealed together as a family in the temple one day. Then there was a changed man, a man named Jimmy, who hasn’t had a day sober in 20 years, not drink a beer, but turns to read the Book of Mormon when he gets tempted. That is what it is all about.

With the transfer ending, I am praying that I will be able to stay another one with Elder Nielsen. He is seriously my best friend! I'm going to miss him. We think he will be staying though, so I guess we will see this week!

I love you all so much! You mean the world to me! Please pray that Adolfo and Elliuth can get married. The process is coming along slowly, but please pray for them!

Love Elder Brown
Bike Crew!

Neighborhood kids

Splits with Elder Hill

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