Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"THE" transfer ends!!!

Well, the transfer came to an end! It is literally insane how that just happened! I literally swear last p-day I was writing the same thing about last transfer and here we are 6 weeks already into the area of Newburgh! Crazy crazy crazy crazy! I don't like this whole time going fast type a thing.
He calls this "The Legends"!

Well, I'm sad to say that my time with Elder Nielsen has come to an end! That literally makes me soooo sad! I love that guy so much, and he will forever be my best friend! He is heading off to the city of Manhattan, in Harlem, and I will be staying here in Newburgh, and I received a brand new missionary! He actually got here yesterday and his name is Elder Molina! He is from Oregon! Such a great missionary! The guy is a stud and a half! We seriously couldn't be more different in personality and interests, but it's awesome to see how two totally different people can come together with one purpose and achieve it!
I'm SUPER DUPER excited for the next couple transfers with him!
The new companion, Elder Molina

After we found out that Elder Nielsen was leaving last Wednesday night, we decided that we were just going to go super hard for the last week together. Obviously, we went hard every week, but this week was just a little bit different! And we saw a ton of miracles! We definitely saw the fruits of our labors! Just to share a few short miracles we had this week...It was getting late one night and we were heading to our last lesson of the day, Carlos and Gladis. Well, when we got there they were in a pretty big fight and didn't really want anything to do with the missionaries. So, as we were walking down the street we decided we were going to say a quick prayer for Carlos and Gladis, and a prayer for guidance to know where we needed to go for the last 15 minutes of the day. After the prayer we were walking up the street and we saw this family sitting on their porch. As we began to talk with them we found out that the father was baptized when he was like 8 and went straight to less active after that. Doesn't really know anything about the gospel and is super excited to learn more. His wife and three kids are non-members and always really stoked about the gospel. God really does put prepared people in our paths. Well, after that our day was about over and as we were walking to the car, literally, and this is not even a joke or anything, a street name and a house number was whispered to us. Haha, it was like the weirdest thing but it's true. So we went to the house and knocked the door and this awesome lady answered! We had the coolest lesson with her and she said she will be baptized on July ninth! Her name is Maria and she is so prepared! Miracles and spiritual promptings are real!!! So those were just some of the miracles that we experiences the past week!

Everything is doing super awesome here in Newburgh! People are progressing really well and we hope to see the baptisms start coming in! I love you all so much and I love hearing from you guys! Even though I am in my “ghost year” don't forget about me! IM STILL HERE! Haha, just playing with y'all! You guys are the best family and friends anyone could ask for! I pray for you guys always! You mean the world!

One scripture that I have loved on my mission is 2 Nephi 5:27, “And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness." Haha, I love that! We have so many reasons to just be happy and just love life! So
let's do it!! Let's love life everybody! Let's make the most of every second of every day!

Love, Elder Brown
Picture from the mission blog on transfer day

"The District" I guess that is Caiden over there second from the right in the "thinker" pose?

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