Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Attitude makes the difference!!

Family and friends!

Hey y'all! It was so good to hear from y'all this p-day and here all the crazy stories that happened to you guys! Mom... It sounds like Orem Utah is more dangerous than Newburgh!! I cannot believe that happened to you! That's so sad! You still look beautiful as always though! Your eye will always be in my prayers! Just another shout out to Blake! Happy birthday!!! You are the coolest eight year old I have ever met in my life!! I seriously do love you all so much! Sorry if I am repetitive with that, but I just want to get it stuck in your heads! Haha :)

Happy Father's Day dad!! I'm writing you a letter, but it probably won't get there until after Sunday, so I just wanted you to know that you seriously are my hero! I love you more than anything, and I am so grateful for all the things you have taught me. I would not be a missionary today without your influence! You’re my best friend and the best dad there has ever been! Love you!

I've never been one of those missionaries that think the mission is like the hardest thing in the world, because it really isn't... It's actually super fun and enjoyable and I love it to death, like I always say, but this week was just a tough one! And by tough I mean long! We felt as if no one was interested, people were just being rude and things were just going downhill. But, something that we noticed was that while all this was happening our attitudes were going down the drain. We decided to change our attitudes and just be full of hope and happiness, and I bet you can guess what happened! People starting being nicer to us, they started letting us into their homes, and began accepting the gospel more in their lives. Attitude changes everything. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to repent and become a better missionary every single day. Man, the atonement of Jesus Christ really rocks, doesn't it?

The other day we had one of those days where all of your appointments fall through. To be honest, I love those days! It's such a trial of your faith and as we all know... The coolest miracles happen those days! And that's what happened! Haha, we had not taught a lesson all day and the night was winding down. Another spiritual prompting came to knock a special door and just the coolest family opened up! As we were teaching them the whole time the only thing I could see was these two parents in the temple together in all white... It was seriously like the weirdest experience! I tried shaking it out of my head so I wouldn't look so weirded out while we were teaching them, but it just stayed! They are the coolest people in the whole entire world! Please, please pray for Herme and Maritza!

The conference with Elder Bennett was seriously like the coolest thing ever! That guy is a genius like I have never seen in my life! The main focus of his whole training was that missionaries are awesome! He talked about how we are never going to be perfect missionaries. Sometimes I think I struggle like that. I feel like if I am not teaching perfectly, or if I'm not always just a huge ball of sunshine then I am letting my Heavenly Father down, but it's not like that. He knows that we aren't going to be perfect, but he accepts our efforts and it's enough! If we just give it our all we will be just fine! I'm grateful for that!

The Savior’s mission that I am on is amazing! This work is true. I know it with all my heart! I know that people's hearts are being prepared right as we speak! So what are we doing here writing emails?!?!? Let's go find them!! ;) Haha, love you all! Have the best week ever!

Love Elder Brown

Truck ordeal... Umm it is completely up to you! I think selling it would be the best option, because I don't want to drive a gas guzzler around everywhere when I get home. I will have to try and buy a better car when I get home. Really, it's up to you. If you sell her, make sure she knows I love her! (Side note - we are replacing the old truck that Caiden used to drive around, and he just wants me to kiss her goodbye for him!)

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