Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Under the pressure!

Hey my fam!

Wow, it was so great to see you guys this past Sunday! You are all looking so great and I love you guys so very much! I'll just apologize again for being that weird, awkward missionary. I'm not the best at explaining my feelings, but I hope you guys felt how much I love you and how grateful I am for the hour we had to spend together! You guys are the best family ever!

Given that we talked like 3 days ago there isn't too much to report on this past week, but I will try my best to write something good!

So, the day that we spent with President was so inspiring and I learned so much! That man is like the best missionary I have ever seen in my whole entire life! Haha, he just knew how to make people interested in the message of the restoration. Somehow he would get these people to just spill out all of the struggles they are having and all of their problems and then he would somehow relate what they are going through back to the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ. It was so cool! He pretty much quoted the first vision to every one we talked to! Haha, to say the least I learned how to be a missionary this past week! He has this focus going on in the mission about sharing the first vision with as many people as we can. And it's been really cool to see that special spirit that comes with Joseph Smith’s own words. I'm so grateful for the restoration!

I forgot to mention that we had a baptism this past weekend!! Haha, he's actually 8 and his family is members, but it was cool to see a new little member of the Rama (Branch). His family is the Buenaventura family and they are so cool!! His dad, Memo, is like our best friend ever! Haha, I love that family! The Rama (Branch) threw a huge party for him and his baptism! Haha, it was literally insane how many people showed up and how much food they had there! I will send a picture!

I LOVE the chosen talk this week by Elder Owens on leaders and followers. There are so many good insights - it's unreal! A quote that I liked from the talk was when he said "Your ability to lead does not
come from an outgoing personality, motivational skills, or even a talent for public speaking. It comes from your commitment to follow Jesus Christ. It comes from your desire to be, in Abraham’s words, “a greater follower of righteousness.” If you can do that--even if you aren’t perfect at it, but you’re trying--then you are a leader." And this reminds me of a little miracle we had with our time with President. It had just taken us an hour to walk down one street, because we were having lessons with literally every single person that was outside and we were like 30 min. late to an appointment we had with this less active family. Well, when we arrived everyone was gone besides the 18 year old son named Irvin. Irvin is awesome and wants to serve a mission, but he just doesn't feel like he is ready. President was able to talk to him about missions and how they are so beneficial. We also shared the scripture Dad quoted last week in Exodus about Moses feeling inadequate to fulfill his duties. The Spirit was seriously incredible. But, back to the point, It doesn't matter if you are slow of speech, don't know the mission language, or can't quote a scripture to save your life, but being a true leader is based on our willingness to be servants of Christ. The Lord prepares the people he calls! I know that is true.

I know this gospel is true! I'm so grateful for it! I love you guys all so much! Thanks for being those leader/followers that I need as role models! Love you all!
Elder brown
I think this must be a photo from the "After Baptism" party that he was talking about

No explanation for this one. At least it is not the "teenage girl" pose from last week!

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