Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Fam bam,

What an incredible week this was!! Really nothing too exciting really happened, but for some reason the Spirit was so present and so noticeable. You know when you just feel good? Well... Haha that's how I feel!

First off, just another “thanks” to everyone who thought of me on my birthday! I know I say it always, but I really do have the best family and friends there are. ¿Que más puedo pedir? (What more can I ask for) I've sent a few thank you’s out already, but for sure I will get the rest sent out this week! You guys are awesome! I love you! And wish I could do more for you guys!

So, the birthday went well! It actually wasn't the best day ever to be honest... All the lessons fell through. One of my favorite families said they didn't want to take the lessons anymore and things just weren't going too well! But you know what? It was one of the best days, because I got to spend my birthday being a missionary. I know that sounds corny as can be, but it’s true. There just is nothing like it. Especially when you spend a holiday like Easter or Christmas, where you are so focused on the true significance. So
overall the birthday and Easter were super amazing! We made a cake, but it was super gross... So we gave it to the other Elders, haha, but seriously, my birthday was awesome and so was Easter!

So, cool story... The other week when we were walking down Webster, which is probably the sketchiest street in our area, tons of projects and a lot of fights, anyways we were walking down the street and a fight started, and to be completely honest, me and Elder Frei stopped for just one second to see what was going on. Well, as we were standing there a man come running up to us. And long story short, he ended up being a member and has been living here for 2 months and every day he has been walked around looking for the chapel because he hasn't been able to find it the whole time he has been here. We gave him the address and stuff and that was about it. I didn't think too much about it. Well, anyway, just a few days ago we were tracting this building and met this young kid who seemed pretty interested and wanted us to talk to his family. So we went to the apartment below his to meet his aunt and family and turns out that same guy we met on the street was there and ended up being this kids uncle. He told us he tried to come to church but ended up way out in the middle of nowhere and was praying that he would see us again. So now we are meeting with him and teaching his nephew. It was such a cool experience and just a
testimony that everything happens for a reason. I know that we were meant to be on Webster walking that day and that we were sent to that building to tract and find him again. Prayers do get answered. Gotta love it!

The sad thing about this week though was that Onacy didn't come to church!!!! Man, it made me so sad. We haven't been able to talk with him since, but we are meeting with him tonight. Hopefully we won't
have to drop him!! I love that guy so much and you know how hard it is to know that something could help somebody but they just don't do it. Super frustrating, but I have faith that he will come around. Continue to pray for him!

I love Justino! Seriously, he is the coolest guy! I have probably never met anyone with more faith than him. He is so willing to just put everything aside and give everything to the Lord. Whenever we need a member present Justino is always ready and excited. The other day we called him to see if he could come to a lesson with us and he said he had a doctor’s appointment and so we just decided we would bring someone else. 30 seconds after we put the phone down Justino calls back and said he canceled his appointment and wanted to come with us. He said the Lord is more important than any other thing that could be going on. Now that's consecration! That’s what I want. I want to be so willing to just drop everything and serve the Lord. I'm so grateful for examples like Justino and all of you of what consecration is.

We are at the MET museum right now and I am walking and typing, so it's really hard and I don't have too much time, but I love you all! I AM SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE! We are going to learn so many cool things. Like Amos 3:7 says, the Lord thy God reveals his secrets to his servants the prophets. This weekend we are going to be hearing the Lord’s servants, so OPEN YOUR EARS everybody and buckle up. It's going to be a fun ride :)

Love you all! Have the best week!

Elder Brown
Celebrating the big 19th birthday!

He didn't explain this, but maybe it was a birthday dinner.

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