Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Alcoholics/Prayers answered! Soooo basically - the Bronx!!!‏

Hi guys!

Man this week was a good week! I never really know how to start off these letter thingies besides saying that everything is AMAZING! I learned a lot about myself this week and a ton about missionary work.

We kind of had some crazy experiences this week in the streets of the Bronx. Let me tell you... There are A LOT of drunk people and for some reason they all feel inclined to stop us, maybe cry a little bit, ask us for a prayer, or threaten to do something crazy to us! So, like I have said before, we get a lot of bible referrals and we were looking one up and a couple answered the door and you could just tell they were soooo drunk. Well, they insisted that we come in and teach them. As we were sitting there watching these 50 year old people act like 2 year olds, I just felt sad inside. It's crazy how much the temptations of Satan and the things of the world can destroy people's lives. But it also made me feel so grateful for the gift of repentance. Anyone can change and I know that's true. Just like the new Easter initiative says "we can find new life in Jesus Christ". I'm grateful for a Savior and a friend. I'm actually super stoked for this new Easter initiative! I LOVE THE VIDEO! It's got the best message ever and it's perfect to tie in baptism, and that is always a plus! I just want to encourage you all to share it with as many people as you can! And just share your testimony. Simple truths change lives.

We were able to have interviews with president this past week. It's always cool to see pres. I only see him like once a month, so whenever we have the chance to see him and talk to him it's super cool! He told me I might as well get a calling in the ward here because I have been here for so long, hahaha! He told me I was for sure getting transferred next cycle, so that's pretty sad.

This past week Rigo’s brother passed away and he was pretty sad about that. It was pretty hard to see him down in the dumps, because normally he is such a happy guy, but the loss was kind of hard for him. We were able to go to the funeral, and it was so cool to see a bunch of members support Rigs and give talks at the funeral. Well, basically all of his family is Pentecostal, and so it was so tender to hear him stand up when he gave his talk and say "I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I am proud of it." I love him!

So, let me tell you something about here in the Concourse ward. We live FOREVER away from the chapel and so it is super hard for people to get to church because, well, they are not the wealthiest of people. I
mean, we still have tons of members come as well as a good amount of investigators, but it's just harder. And we have this investigator named Enrique who has a baptismal date, but lost his job and has not been able to make it to church due to that. We have been praying and praying for the past three weeks that he would be able to make it somehow, and week after week he wasn't able to come. Well, this week we received an answer to our prayers. HE CAME!! We were so happy and so grateful that he was able to have that amazing spiritual experience at church. The other day we asked him if he has seen a change in his life since we have been teaching him and he went and grabbed a bunch of papers with his thoughts and feelings about the gospel. It's so cool to see people's lives change little by little. I LOVE IT!!

Well, that's the letter for this week y'all! Have an amazing week and start preparing for conference! YAYAYAYA! Love you all more than you know!

Elder brown

#1 Do you enjoy reading your friends mission letters?
Of course I love that!! Haha
#2 Don’t forget to fill us in on your Facebooking.
So, with the Facebook... Everyone in the mission gets Facebook and basically it is just to talk with less actives/inv. There is such thing as a Facebook lesson so sometimes that happens and then when you leave an area you can send letters of encouragement to recent converts.
#3 What’s the weather like there? Cold some days, hot other days... Really off and on right now to be honest
# People have been asking if you know how the man, Tom, that you met ended up with a Book of Mormon for 10 years without ever meeting the missionaries. Do you know?
He didn't really explain how he got it but said that he picked it up in the streets... Not sure what that exactly means, but who knows, Haha!
Birthday cake from Clemente

P-day visit to Yankee Stadium (To bad he won't be there during baseball season)

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