Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Week

HOLA! Buenas Dias!

This week was a lot better than last week! We have been seeing a lot of success recently and it just warms the heart knowing that the work you put in is doing something.

I learned a lot about humility this week. I was preparing a talk about it, and there are a lot of things that stood out to me. I learned that without the help of our Heavenly Father and loving savior Jesus Christ, we are absolutely, without a doubt, nothing. That's kind of harsh, but just think about it  -  everything we are and everything we can become is dependent on God’s plan in which the atonement is central and essential. ESPECIALLY as a missionary! One can fight and fight and teach and teach, share as many scriptures as they can with their own ability and knowledge, but no one will be converted to this gospel without the divine intervention of our Father in Heaven. I've had a hard time while on my mission believing that I, little ole Elder Brown from Orem, Utah can help people overcome problems that are way bigger than me. But I've gained a true testimony that God performs miracles, that as we submit our will to Him, He can make us strong, convincing mouthpieces in this wonderful work. He loves us and He wants that from us. Haha, sorry that's my little spiritual snippet for the week.

We ran into a miracle this past Sunday night. As we were knocking some doors, this white man answers and immediately says he doesn't have time to hear us out. We said ok and said we would stop by another day. As we were walking away he said "wait, what church are you guys from?" We said who we were and he told us to wait just a second. He came back with an old Book of Mormon marked more than any Book of Mormon I had ever seen in my life. This guy had read the Book of Mormon over 10 times, but never once met with the missionaries. In fact, we were the first missionaries he had ever seen. As we taught him the restoration, he continually would say how much he wanted to be baptized and become a Mormon. Haha, what an incredible man! His name is Tom. He only speaks English so we had to pass him off to the English Elders (which seems to happen with all the prepared people we find, haha), but it was super cool to see someone so enthusiastic and excited about the Gospel. It made me happy.

Ok, so let me tell you guys about some of the people we teach. I wish I could mention everyone because I love them all so much, but I'll just keep it to a couple. So, there is this guy named Onacy - We call him Onasty.. Haha, he is soooo cool! He is from the DR and the most classic Dominican you will ever meet. He loves the gospel so much, but has the hardest time coming to church due to work and family things and so that is why he isn't baptized yet. I've actually been teaching him since like my second month here and we have gotten really close. Pray for him that he will be able to come to church and be baptized! :) The person that we teach that is probably closest to baptism is named Fl├ívio! Such a faith-filled man with a desire to do God’s will. He actually just got out of jail like a year ago and is trying to turn his life around and make a better life for his family. I really, really hope I will get to see him baptized before I leave. Darn, I wish I could mention more people, but we just got back from Manhattan and I'm running out of time. Just know that we have AMAZING people that we teach! LOVE THEM!

The mission is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I'm sorry my letters are all like my testimony and stuff like that but I like you guys to know how I feel! I know I don't give too much information on the little things, but I promise you can get all of that in a year and a half when I come home. The Gospel heals wounds. I love you all and have the best week ever!
Mucho amor,
Elder Brown

Are there any toiletries of any kind that you need me to send you?  I know you can get everything there but I would be happy to send you anything like that? No, I have all of that kind of stuff
Are you craving any special treats I can send you? Haha, I'm cutting down on the treats... I'm sticking to fruits! Haha
Seriously, do you have any of the ties left you took on your mission? Yes Mom, I have like 4
VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION...I can't remember what size of white shirt you wear.  Will you give me your neck size? 16
Have you been staying pretty healthy?   Healthy and strong as can be!
Caiden and a little girlfriend

Pizza while making a p-day trip to Manhattan


  1. What a adorable missionary! So glad he is learning all these important lessons. They will serve him forever.

  2. What a adorable missionary! So glad he is learning all these important lessons. They will serve him forever.