Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Somos hijos de dios y él nos ama‏ (We are children of God and He loves us)

Family and friends!

Wow, the good weeks just keep on coming! Haha this week was so much fun and was particularly special because of General Conference. Oh man, how I love General Conference. I will share a few more remarks about that later.

To be honest nothing really exciting or different happened this week besides good ole missionary work! Nothing more excited than knocking on a lot of doors and meeting tons of crazy people! Speaking of crazy people, we met this family this past week and they are literally insane! There is so many of them that when we talk about them we just call them THE FAM. They are so interested in the gospel and just excited to learn. After we teach them something, if one of them doesn't understand, then all the others will just take over the lesson and answer the questions and just teach for us. I wasn't mad! ;)

I had to say goodbye to Rigoberto. That was pretty sad. He is heading off for vacation to Puerto Rico and when he gets back I won't be here. We had a huge feast at his place and it was just kind of sad. I know I have talked about him a lot. And it kind of just seems like an end of an era of something like that. I will always remember that guy. He has been a big part of the change that has happened in me and also a big help with my Spanish. Haha I'm so grateful for people like him. It makes those hard days just so much more worth it!

Soooo, I LOVED conference. Before my mission I liked conference, but to be honest I think it mostly was because of the cinnamon rolls in the morning. Haha but as a missionary it has just been so special to me. I love our prophet Thomas S. Monson. That guy just makes me smile. I know he is called of God. It was cool to see that if the prophet only had 5 minutes to speak what he would say. His message came straight from the Lord. I know that. I think every single one of the talks were my favorites, but I especially loved Elder Holland’s, and it just hit home as a missionary. Sometimes we feel inadequate and that we are failing. Well, at least I have felt like that at times, but his talk was just reassurance that the Lord blesses those that WANT to improve. How true is that? It's natural for men to sin. We will not be perfect in our time here on this earth, but God knows our hearts. And He blesses those who give it their all. And every time we fall He will be right there to pick us up. The number one truth of the gospel is that God loves us, even when we feel inadequate, and even when we aren't enough. He will make up the rest. Elder Holland just rocked our socks off, didn't he?

Another talk that hit home was the talk about fathers. Dad I love you! Thanks for being the perfect example of kindness and humility. Like I always say, if I grow up to be half the man my father is then I am set. No way would I be on a mission if it wasn't for my two great parents. You guys are the best people in the world. I hope you know how much I love and am grateful for you!

We had some marshmallow wars today for P-day and so I am really cutting close on time! I love you all! Conference was great. The people in the Bronx are incredible. I love knocking doors and teaching the gospel. Have a super week!

Love, Elder Brown
No explanation for this "Jackalope" look.

Marshmallow wars - pretty rough lookin' bunch! They seem to take their marshmallow wars seriously!

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