Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Transfers Baby!!!!!!!!!!


Transfer day
So, the transfer happened... It actually happened yesterday, so this p-day is just going to be tranquilo. So here it is everybody... Are you ready?!! I've been transferred up to Newburgh! And guess who my companion is? Elder Nielsen! He was in my district when I first got to the mission and we were super tight friends and now we are together! I am seriously stoked out of my mind! I have gotten so lucky with some
amazing companions! Obviously, it's been super hard and sad leaving my old area and Elder Frei! Because the last two transfers have seriously been amazing! But I have got some super high hopes for things to come! Haha, I just can't even explain my excitement. When president told me I was going up here to be with Elder Nielson I about cried I was so happy! Haha!

Being silly while saying goodbye.
So, Newburgh is like way upstate and it is so much more different than the Bronx. It kind of feels like back home in Utah at times, bunch of trees and cars. Nobody is really walking around; music isn't always getting blasted, and it just is a lot more chill. Definitely going to take some getting used to. We actually live and work right by West Point Academy, just to give you a general direction of where we are at. The funny thing about my area is that I guess it's like super dangerous and so they don't let sisters come up here. Elder Nielson said he has seen a bunch of shootings and stuff like that, but don't worry Mom, I will try my best to be safe! ;) We are in a small little branch as of right now, but we have a goal to get some more people in attendance to make it a ward. The work up here is a lot different than before as well. Back in the Bronx we would teach around 30 lessons a week, had tons of baptismal dates, etc., but right now in this area there isn't anybody that is progressing. Elder Nielson and I have some good plans to pick up the work though, and we are super excited! I can already tell I am going to love the people up here so much! I'm super grateful for this opportunity to be here in this area at this time with these people!

We actually live with 2 native Spanish speakers and so that is going to be really fun! A lot of good Spanish food here at the house, and we are always just speaking Spanish, so that should help out. Haha, I LOVE
the Spanish culture; the food, the accents, the traditions, just everything. It's treating me really well! :)

There is not much to say this week, because I have only spent a day and a half up here but I promise there will be tons of great stories next week.

I’ll just share a few thoughts I had on Elder Holland’s talk for this week’s chosen discussion. I think all of you guys said basically it all in your comments. This talk was seriously incredible and changed the way I look at myself as a missionary. I think sometime I get caught up on whether I'm "doing well enough" or if the Lord would be pleased with the work I am doing. I actually was having a hard time with that this past week. And, as I studied this talk it was just reassurance that MY BEST is enough. I'm grateful that our best, our very very best, the most that we have, counts in this gospel. It's such a blessing!

I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers! They are needed! Have the best week ever!

Love Elder Brown
The following pictures come from the mission blog on transfer day.

Caiden's new companion is the one on his right, Elder Nielson.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing his apartment and hearing about the work there. I served in Newburg. It's near Westpoint!

    1. His letter sounds like Newburgh. Great people there! It's a car area or was. We all gained weight in that area despite being able to run along the Hudson River. It's beautiful country!