Wednesday, January 27, 2016


My dear family,

I'm soooo grateful for this chance I have to be here in the Concourse ward! I love everything about where I am serving! The people, the area, my companion (don’t get me started about my companion... Love that guy to death!), just everything! I hope as I explain the things that we do in my area you feel the strong love I have for everything!

It's been a real good week! A little slow to start things off this new transfer, but really, really solid week! We are really focused on getting new people and retaining them! Here in the projects it is so easy to find new investigators and teach lessons, but then we will go back to teach them again and they just won't be there. Well, this is kind of hard because we have a really crazy good lesson with someone and then we never really see them again. So, me and Elder Frei are making a push to really help these people engage in the Spirit so that we aren't forcing them to be baptized, but so they really have a strong desire to follow Jesus Christ and do what He does. Pray for them that they will have this desire! Your prayers are needed and appreciated! :) love you!

Well, I guess you could say that it's starting to look a lot like Christmas! One day we are outside in short sleeve shirts and the next day we wake up and all we see is white! It was a pretty big blizzard and it was soooo awesome! There were some really good opportunities for some quality service. As a mission we got to do a lot of shoveling for the city and Elder Frei and I spent the whole day helping cars get out of the snow! It was actually really fun and we got to meet a lot of cool people. Gotta love service! Oh, and we got into a really fun snowball fight with some little kids on the street. To say the least Elder Frei and I definitely lost!

I really don't have much time once again. We are at a zone activity and it's pretty busy, but of course I want to tell about a miracle! The other day we were tracting and we knocked this door. An investigator that I had like the first week I was here on the mission opened up the door. He ended up getting dropped because he had a stroke and wasn't interested after that for some reason. It was actually pretty weird. But then we knocked on his door, he gladly let us in and we taught him the restoration. He had actually been reading the Book of Mormon and had some questions. Experiences like this are really small, but I am so grateful for these little tender mercies. People are constantly being prepared. And people are ready, whether it is right now or 60 years from when they first met the missionaries. Planting seeds baby!! Love it to death!

I'm so grateful for “cada uno de ustedes.
Y les doy gracias por todo que han hecho para mí!” (grateful for each one of you. And I give thanks for all you have done for me) Have the best week ever and remember to share the gospel with those who are prepared for it!!!

Much love, Elder Brown
Transfer day last week (from the President's wife's blog)

Moving Elders on transfer day
Winter finally reaches New York (with Elder Frei)

With Elder Grant from Orem High School

New York winters can be nasty!

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