Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Siempre hay milagros‏!! (There are always miracles!!)

Hey family!

Wow, what a great week this was! So many miracles and awesome things that happened! It's so awesome to see the tender mercies of the Lord everyday here in the Bronx. In an area full of grossness, he still works his magic! Loving it baby!

So wow, there are so many things I want to tell that I just can't think what to say first!! Hahaha, so guess what?? I am actually teaching a piano class here in our ward... A PIANO CLASS!! You have to understand - I don't play the piano!! Haha, but Elder Hinckley taught me a little and the Spirit is helping me incredibly! It is actually turning out pretty well! Who would have ever guessed that little Elder Brown, most musically untalented person ever, teaching a piano class…! It’s true ladies and gentlemen... Pray for me! Haha!

A MIRACLE happened this week! Coolest thing ever! So, one day we were looking through super old people in our area book, people who had been dropped in the past. I saw this lady named Carmen. The last time she was taught was 1374 days ago. Quite a long time ago I would say! Well, we felt like we should call her. We did and set up an appointment with her. We were pretty excited about that, but nothing too big, because a lot of people like to bail on the lessons, so we thought maybe that would happen. Still, we had faith it would work out. I'm sure you guys can guess how the miracle ends, but we had an amazing lesson. She actually had lost a couple of children and was going through a rough time. She needed, and continually needs, the message of a living Savior like every single one of us needs every day. And now this lady will be baptized in March! Man the gospel changes lives!

A lot of our people are going through hard times. A couple lost some loved ones, we have a less active in the hospital due to depression, the loss of jobs and so on... And it's been hard for them to do stuff such as come to church, find time to read or even to pray, but what a blessing it is for me and for all the priesthood holders there are to place our hands on the heads of the wounded or struggling and through the power of God and what the Spirit directs to promise them blessings. The priesthood is real. It's been restored through a prophet. I know it! Man, do I know it!

Zone conference was yesterday, and as always, it was awesome to get instruction and words from President and from other missionaries. We continually learn how to become more effective with the members of the ward. Please be member missionaries. I know it's probably hard in good ole Utah and loads different than it is out here in the Bronx, but the best thing you can ever do is be an example of a servant of Christ. Share brief testimony of things you know. Stick out. I love my mission and I love you all! Thank you for all you do for me! I am eternally grateful! Have a joy-filled week! And remember to laugh!

Much love Elder Brown

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  1. I love to hear about his adventures. Teaching piano lessons. Who would have guessed?