Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Hola como están ustedes! Yo espero que ustedes tuviéran una buena semana! (Hello, how are you! I hope you had a good week!)

What a rewarding week here in the mission. Hard work has really been paying off and it's great to see people come unto Christ. Whether it be from being baptized, down to saying their first prayer. Some awesome stuff to see!

The rain has really been coming down! Every night when we get home we are soaking wet! So we have a dedicated room in our apartment for all of our wet clothes to hang up and dry! It's definitely been fun! :)

The baptism for Rigoberto went sooo well! The Spirit was seriously incredible and you could just feel his excitement to be a member of the church finally. It was so cute... He was so nervous. Before we went down into the water I was telling him kind of how the whole thing happens and what he should do, he was shaking so bad! It was so funny, he kept on saying he didn't want to mess up. He got calmed down a little bit and we went for it! Man, I can't describe the feeling I had, and I'm sure he had, as he came out of the water and we hugged each other. It was probably a minute long hug hahaha, he just wouldn't let go! Man, I love that guy! He will forever be my friend! It's going to be really sad to leave these people. I know I say that every single week, but man it's true. How close I've gotten with some people is unreal!
Caiden, Rigoberto and Elder Frei

Caiden says, "I had puffy eyes at the baptism... I'm really not that fat, haha!"

Not much toooo exciting happened this week besides the baptism. It was actually cool to see Justino, a recent convert of not long at all, give a powerful talk at Rigo's baptism about how the church has changed his life. Justino also gave his first talk in church this past weekend as well. I always shed a tear when I hear him bear his testimony. These people have really changed my life.

This week I've just been thinking about how lucky we are as members of Christ’s Church. We get unlimited chances, the priesthood, just the joy of knowing that we will see our families again after they pass away, and if we do what's right we have the chance to live with our Heavenly Father and Savior again... Wow, we are lucky. Every day we need to realize that... We have something sooo valuable. First, we need to use it up to its fullest and then we need to share it with everybody! This is better than any other gift in the world.

Sorry, I really do feel like I am a broken record every single week, saying the same thing over and over. If new things happen I am sure to tell you. Lots of tracting and a lot of miracles! New York is so much fun! The work is hard, but so much fun as well! Sorry my letters are lame... I'll try better! Haha, love you all!

And please, when you put my letter on the blog, please give a shout out thanks to everyone who has sent me stuff! I'm going to try and find time to write hand written letters. Just make sure they know I am so grateful!

Love, Elder brown

#1  With all the rain that gets on your clothes and such have you found a place to get your suits dry cleaned around there?  Yeah, there is one right next to our place
#2  Is that the inside of the coat we sent to you that we see you wearing in your pictures?  Do you wear the whole coat much?  Yeah... When it is really cold I wear it
#3  Fun to hear you got other Valentines!!  Did you like all of the little notes we sent you from your fans?
That was seriously awesome. That's the best gift one could get! Thanks to everyone for that!

More silly pics

Apparently this is culture night or something
Another picture form the President's wife's blog

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