Thursday, January 21, 2016


Mi familia maravillosa

Well, it was transfer week everybody! A lot of different changes going on here in the Concourse ward! It's kind of weird for things to be so different, but it's definitely a good type of difference. There is a lot of hype in the area and we are super excited for this new cycle and a new start!!

Y'all ready to hear who my new comp is going to be? Drum roll please............Elder Jacob Frei!!!! I'm pretty stoked about it! He is really young in the mission and we are really similar. He is from Santa Clara, Utah and I actually played him in basketball every year at Dixie State tournament, because he played for Snow Canyon. He is a cowboy-farmer type of kid, and we will get along real well! He is really hard working and we’ve got some pretty awesome things planned for this transfer! I am excited to see how it goes! We also received Elder Smith in our district, who happens to be my grandfather, my trainer’s trainer, and he is super-duper cool! Also here is Elder Grant, who actually went to Orem High school and I also played him in basketball! We have the youngest district in the mission, and President says he has got some super high hope for the work in this district this cycle!

Let me tell you... This past week has been hard on the stomach. Due to the leaving of Elder Hinckley, EVERYONE wanted to feed us. I would take an estimate and say in the span of the 4 days before Elder Hinckley left we had 20 dinners! I was about to lose my mind I was so full. In fact, I am still full from all the food we ate! The members are so nice here and I am so grateful for them! I've got like 10 moms away from home. So I am definitely taken care of.

I just want to share a little something from my studies. Something that has had a huge impact on my mission work, and definitely me as a person, and it's the Spirit. I know I have talked about the importance of the Spirit so many times, but wow, I can't stress it enough! Sometimes I think we get too caught up in what we are doing, time, friends and things of the world that we don't take time to actually LISTEN to the promptings of the Spirit. I have definitely seen a difference while I have been out in my ability to follow the promptings of the Spirit as I just take a few minutes to pay attention and listen. After I pray I love to stay on my knees, clear my mind and just listen, and through the thoughts and feelings that have come to me I have received so many answers to my prayers. I know that it can do the same for every single one of you. God WANTS to hear from us and I am so grateful for that!

I love my mission more than anything! You all know that, but I like to say it! Hahaha, love you guys and I am grateful for your examples! Keep being awesome servants of the Lord!

Mucho Amor, Elder Brown
Caiden and his new companion, Elder Frei

A cool panoramic shot. I think this says Greetings from China Town

I think this must be a shot of the district before transfers

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