Thursday, January 14, 2016

Elder Holland, my man!!

Fam bam,

How's the good old family doing? I hope all is well at home! Sounds like you are all really busy and just having the funnest time! I'm sorry, but I'm having a more fun time :) This week not too much really exciting happened besides the really awesome meeting with Elder Holland, which I will mention later!

So, transfers will be a week from now. Hinckley will probably get transferred, and it is most likely that I will stay in this area at least one more transfer. It's exciting to see where everyone is going to go, but it is also really sad to see like the whole district leave. Elder Hinckley, Elder Nielsen, Elder Matheson, and Sister
Cookson will all probably be leaving the ward, which means we are no longer the district that stays! Haha, it's so sad but I'm excited to kind of get a new fresh start in the ward! :) So, next week my p-day will be on Thursday due to transfers, so I will email then!

There really isn't loads to report on this week, so I will just get right into the Elder Holland experience. Wow, it was seriously such an amazing experience. I really can't explain how cool it was and the feeling that was in that chapel. We all had the opportunity to shake his hand and tell him our name and where we were from before we started. This was his time to "interview" us as he looked at us in the eyes. Me and Elder Holland made some good eye contact and he said I have a really good smile, so that was pretty cool! :)

He said so many things that I love and that I will hold dear to my heart forever, but the thing that stuck with me, and I feel as if I should share, is something that really only applies to missionaries, but I love it. From the beginning of the meeting he was cracking jokes and making us all laugh pretty hard, but then he got really serious. He began to talk about the image of missionaries. He said missionaries are like super heroes to the members of the church. Although they know missionaries aren't perfect, they look up to them so much. I can
definitely attest to that. Before my mission I thought missionaries and especially returned missionaries were the coolest people. I wanted to be that! Now I am and I still feel inadequate as ever, but I know with the help of my Savior and His atonement I can be a great missionary! But anyways, then he got quiet for a second... got down really close to one of the elders and kind of screamed "YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT!! You don't have the right to ruin the image that these people have of you! You always have to be that super hero! Be that example that the deacon back home looks up to!" I REALLY loved this! The mission is hard, that is for dang sure. But I know why I am here and I will not ruin that image, I promise! :) I am so glad I have the
chance to be a missionary and to serve my Lord and Savior in this work. What an opportunity! Thank you all for the support and the help!

Love you all sooooo much! More than you can imagine.

Love Elder Brown
Elder Hinckley and Elder Brown (The wheel chair is just something they have there in the apartment, it's not something that Elder Hinckley needs)

Caiden's caption to this picture was "Look, I'm bald!" That is the least amount of hair he has had in many years!

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