Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This is what it's all about!!


This week was such a rewarding week for me personally. To start off, I want to talk about the experience we had being able to be a part of the endowment of Rigoberto and Justino. What a life changing experience that was for me!! I seriously can not describe the feeling that I got as I sat next to some of my best friends as sacred covenants were being made. As I sat in the celestial room waiting for them to come in I just felt so good. I thought to myself, "what if those two sister missionaries in 2014 would have been too scared to talk to Rigoberto on the street corner", or, "what if Elder Hinckley and I didn't sit down on a bench to pray about where to go on that night in the Bronx and then knock on Justino's door?" These thoughts rushed into my head and kind of scared me to be honest. But, how grateful was I to be in that room with them and to participate in some of the most heavenly joy I have ever felt! I couldn't hold back my tears.

Also heard news the other day that one of my favorite people from New Rochelle is going to get baptized this Sunday. I don't know if y'all remember me talking about Rosi, but she is sooo cool and has finally, after a really long time, decided to actually do it. She actually called me to tell me the news and really wanted me to make it there, so hopefully I will be able to go see her be baptized.

Cool thing... so you remember last week when I talked about that lady that met us as we were walking out of the train? Well, she is awesome! Her name is Luisa (if I didn't already mention that) and this week when she made it to church she was sitting there kind of by herself when right in the middle of someone's talk a lady from the other side of the chapel stands up and runs over to her and gives her a huge hug. Turns out that they were in the same ward back in Dominican Republic when Luisa was super active. So the Hermana was super happy to see her old friend back in church! Small world!

We are teaching a pretty cool new family.  Diana is a member and Johnny her husband is not! They are super legit and we have super high hopes for them. Diana was in a coma for a year and it's a miracle that she is still here today!

Love you guys!! 

Con amor, 
Elder Brown
Caiden with Justino and Rigoberto on the day of their temple endowment!!! (Not sure what Caiden was thinking with that hair cut!!)

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