Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Me siento bien!!

Hey fam!

Another great week in the Bronx!! First off, I just want to give a shout out to the best 2 sisters in the world for their birthdays 🎉!! I hope your days were filled with fun and happiness! It was great to see all the pictures of the celebrations and the fun y'all had this week! Thanks for being the best sisters in the world and showing me what it is like to be a disciple of Jesus Christ!! I send my love!
Wow, this week was great! A lot of memories throughout my whole mission came flooding back in week as we attended Stake conference. Almost 18 months of my whole mission have been served here in this Stake, so it was definitely memory lane being able to see all the people this past Sunday and talk and rejoice with them. It's crazy how much a part of my life these people have become. I would seriously do anything for them! I love em.

Francisco’s baptism was awesome. So, I don't know if y'all remember when a couple weeks back I sent you a picture of the baptism of Nordic, Nani, and Jennifer. Well, we were thinking about who could baptize Francisco and we thought that Nordic, who has been a recent convert for like 3 weeks would be sweet. It was a great experience for them both and they were both so nervous because it was the first time for each of them. But, the Spirit was so strong during the service! After the baptism when they were walking out of the water we had a little group hug right there outside the font and Francisco just kept on saying "me siento bien, me siento bien" (I feel good, I feel good) it was awesome! He is going in for eye surgery today, so pray for him please! I love that man so much!
Elder Munoz has been like really sick this past weekend so that has been a struggle, and so we have gone on several splits, so just remember to keep him in your prayers. He is feeling a lot better now which is good but still not a 100%.

Cool miracle this week! So, we are walking out of the train station and the moment we get out of the station a lady walks by us and kind of like freaks out when she sees us. She asked if we spoke Spanish and we said we did and she began to tell us that she was a member, but hadn't been to church in a while, had been looking for the church for a while, but that she never really leaves the house and so she couldn't find it. (that seems to happen a lot in New York) Anyways, we got her info and everything and we stopped by a couple days later and she is sooo legit. She basically just bore her whole testimony to us and she just has so much faith! I just love it when people bear their testimonies! We are super excited to help her come back to the fold! 😊

Anyways... it was a great week. I had an awesome interview with President Smith yesterday, just talking about how we are going to make these last 2 months the best 2 months of the Lord’s mission. Oh, how I love my Savior! The work is true!!

Con amor,

Elder Brown
Caiden and Waldir

Sweet reunion with Rigoberto


The baptism of Francisco

Jokingly says this will be his pant size when he returns home.

Picture from the mission blog taken at Zone Conference

Zone Conference

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