Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Exciting news and Hawaiian miracles!!


It was so great to be able to talk with y'all on Sunday! I love your little faces and I love the spirit y'all brought to the call! Thanks for being amazing examples to me! I love you more than words can describe! By the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! I hope your day was full of fun things! May is always my favorite month because it is Mom month for me! ☺️

This week was great as always! It has been so much fun and kind of like an exciting adventure preparing Francisco for his baptism this Friday. He lives almost 2 hours away from us on bus and train, and so it's been a struggle to meet with him and teach him everything he needs to know before Friday, but he is legit soooo prepared! Every little thing we teach him he just accepts with so much faith. Like when we taught him the word of wisdom he response was... I drink coffee and tea... but from now on I'm done. He is so legit when he says, 😂 "after I get baptized I am going to fill that church, I am going to talk to everyone about it and bring everybody". I can't wait for him to get the priesthood and go to the temple. Speaking of that... a got a call from Rigoberto yesterday and I get to go see him and Justino get their endowments on the 27th!! I am soooo excited! Oh, how much I love those two guys! It will definitely be an experience to never forget!

Miracle time... so, it was Saturday and we were on our way to this very confirmed and set appointment. It was raining super hard and we were soaked! Anyways, like right as we are showing up to the appointment they text us and cancel. So, there we are, sitting in the rain, thinking to ourselves WHAT DO WE DO NOW?? We remembered a name of a referral that we had received from the visitors’ center in Hawaii and we were kind of close so we went to go check it out. We knock on the door and there opens a man with no shirt on and his huge belly just hanging over the little boxers he was wearing. He starts freaking out and yelling to his wife that it was the best surprise they had ever seen and were just so excited that we were there. We went into the home and they fed us and we had an awesome spiritual lesson with them. They came to church the following day in their Hawaiian shirts and they are some of the coolest, most genuine people I have ever met! Hector and Anny!!

Anyways, sorry this was short. I love y'all so much! Have a great week!

Con amor, 

Elder Brown
That sweet family from the Hawaii Visitor Center, with Francisco in the background

A failed attempt at making a cake for someone!

Ward Correlation Meeting!

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