Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A testimony of the Savior.

Buenas tardes familia!!!

As always, I don't have that much time today to write emails and all that, but I will do my best to explain the great week we had! Another transfer has come and gone. Transfers are passing by like days. It's crazy I only have two more left. But, I get to stay with Elder Munoz for another transfer and I am super excited! I have really grown to love him so much and he has helped me progress in so many ways. To say the least, this should be an amazing transfer!

This week was a get down and dirty week where we hit the pavement and tried our best to find some new people to teach and we saw a lot of miracles! We have also been working a lot with the members of the ward to find new people, especially less actives, and we have grown to love the people here in the ward so much! They are so good to us and so loving. To be honest, we didn't see any huge miracles this week, but I really felt like I came closer to the Savior in the past 9 days. One thing I have seen is that if we want to strengthen our testimony of the Savior and His atoning sacrifice the best thing we can do is to bear our testimonies of Him. A lot of the people we teach struggle with addictions, mental illnesses, and all sort of issues and I've seen my testimony of our Lord grow as we have solemnly testified that through Jesus Christ we can be healed. I LOVE "THE LIVING CHRIST"!  That is literally one of the coolest things ever. If you haven't read it in awhile go and take a look at it. The young men in our ward went to Palmyra this weekend and Jeyuri knew how much I loved “The Living Christ”, and so he brought me one from Palmyra and signed it for me! Haha, I love missionary work!

We teach this sweet old lady named Norma! I love her to death! She can talk your ear off and she tells the funniest stories ever! She was baptized awhile back with her family, but once all her kids moved out they all just stopped going. Our first day in the area, when we didn't have any idea of what to do, we knocked on her door and she has been a blessing to us ever since! Life isn't the same without the gospel. There is just something different. And when you see someone make that reconnect it is a tender experience.

We work with a couple young boys that got baptized not too long ago, and every week we do a challenge with them. This week was to bear their testimony. (We had fast Sunday this past week because we have a multi-stake conference this next Sunday) Well anyways, they are both really shy kids and they were super nervous to give their testimonies, but when they did the Spirit was just so strong. After church their less active mom came up to me and thanked us for helping them bear their testimony and told me that because of the strong testimony of her kids she wanted to do all she could to strengthen her testimony so the next fast Sunday she could bear hers. They are the most solid kids I have ever met! Yovanny and Amado.

Anyways, I love you all so much! Thanks for everything!

Con amor,
Elder Brown

Caiden and Norma

Yovanni and Amado

He says he is officially a Grandma now (I guess the knit hat makes it so)

Caiden's prized possession - "The Living Christ"

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