Monday, February 27, 2017

Repentance and the temple.

Hey fam! 

It's great to be able to write y’all again this week! I love hearing from you all and hearing your amazing stories! I want to give Bridger a shout out for his birthday!! I love you buddy! I can't believe you are so big now! Make sure he gets a big hug and a kiss from his uncle Elder Brown and make sure he knows that I fully plan on playing Legos with him when I get back! It's literally insane how big those boys are getting!

I learned a big lesson this week. Elder Frei and I work really well together and we get along great and we feel as if people like us, and to keep it short, we kind of felt like we were "all that". We were having a lot of success, things were going super well and we felt like we were on cloud nine. Now, I have always known and felt that if it was left up to me and my abilities that I would be legit lost in this work. Obviously the Spirit and the divine help from above is necessary, but sometimes we forget and sometimes we think to ourselves, “man, I'm cool!” I know how to do this and that, and basically, I'm the best! And I think Elder Frei and I kind of fell into that a little bit at the beginning of this week. And just like the Book of Mormon teaches, when a group of people get caught up in themselves the blessings of truly and fully relying on God are lost and we kind of fell into a little bit of that this week. But, it was a good lesson learned for me and I feel like I truly understand now the reality and importance of Heavenly Father in this work. We repented for being prideful and Sunday we had some miracles. #repentenceiscool (President Smith literally always uses that hash tag) I don't know if y’all remember but a couple weeks ago I talked about a lady named Nidia! Super awesome lady! Anyways, we have been teaching her and this week and obviously, we invited her to church, but she kind of gave us that “maybe I'll go” kind of response and so we weren't really counting on her. Well anyways, she showed up all by herself to church and turns out she was super good friends with like 10 of our members! She explained to us afterward how much at home she felt at church! The church truly is like our home!

The temple this past Saturday was amazing! Funny little story, while sitting in the waiting room to go into the temple I saw an Elder that I knew in the MTC. We had gotten pretty close in the MTC and he was serving in New Jersey. Well, turns out he went with some recent converts just like us and we got to run into each other there! It was cool to see him! The temple was so great though! To be able to see some of the recently baptized people the ward have the chance to get baptized for one of their own family members was an experience I am never going to forget! How lucky are we to have that blessing?! Anyways, Nerio is a stud! He got his first temple trip in on Saturday and gave his first talk in church on Sunday and he killed it! It was like one of the best talks I have ever heard and everyone was so surprised, because Nerio is a shy little quiet guy, but he did so well! We were so proud of him!

So, tonight and tomorrow we have the privilege to hear from Elder Gong of the Seventy and we are all stoked as can be! There has been a lot of preparations that have taken place and we are excited to be taught from on high! I love this work with all my heart! I know that we can only do it with our Heavenly Father's help and I know that repentance is real!

Sorry this is short, we have to end p-day a little early today for travel time, but I love you ALL! Have a great week! 

Con amor, 

Elder Brown
It's always good to get a picture outside the Temple!
Making Mexican food on P-day!

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