Monday, February 20, 2017

A new missionary miracle!


TIME! PLEASE SLOW DOWN!! Man, this week really flew by! And months are flying by like days! So, that's not good, but other than that this week turned out really good! We got to see some blessings and we had a lot of cool experiences, so I'm glad I get to share them with y’all today!

This past Saturday there was a wedding in the ward and after the wedding there was a Valentine's day party and it was sooo awesome! Haha, I am going to miss Hispanic parties so much! They are so funny! Sooo much amazing food! Everyone just dances the whole time and then there is us, the missionaries, just there at a table stuffing our mouths and conversating with those too scared to dance. Hahaha, it’s actually a super effective way to find new people to teach! After all, that's how we found Nerio!!

You know how There was the family who moved to California? Well, we have the dopest new investigator that moved into their old house!! She is Friends with a less active member in our ward and he is the one that helped her find this house. She was living in Miami, but she is originally from Nicaragua! And she is sooo legit and prepared! She actually used to go to the church with her whole family when she was little in Nicaragua, but then moved to Miami and started going to another church. It has really been a tender mercy that she knew a member who knew another member that knew of an apartment where she could live. And she happens to live in our area. She was an answer to a prayer for me because I have been praying (like I am sure every missionary does) to be able to find that prepared person and I think we got her! Her name is Ashley!

We get to go to the temple this Saturday with some recent converts to do baptisms for their first time! We are super stoked! We are going to go with Nerio, Noemi and the Rendon family, and it's been fun to see the excitement as they prepare their own family name to be baptized for. How great is the plan of our Heavenly Father!

In our zone we have a lot of new missionaries and we are supposed to go on splits with them within their few first weeks in the mission. It's been fun because it feels like I'm back training for a little bit and it brings back so many good memories! New missionaries rock! Well, anyways this past Tuesday I had a split with one of the new missionaries and we had a pretty packed day, so we had about ten minutes of time to try and find someone new and so we said a prayer on the side of the street. Then I asked the new guy where we should go. He pointed to a house and we knocked into a lady named Maria. We talked with her a little bit and she told us that she knew a member named Hermana Franco. The funny part was we were going to her house 10 min later for dinner! We set up an appointment and then went to dinner! Hermana Franco was able to have a conversation with her later about the gospel and we have had 2 lessons with her since then. The Lord directs!

Anyways, sorry this letter was lame! I am super full, and tired right now because we just got back from a member taking us to “all you can eat” sushi, so to say the least I am pooped! I love you all so much!!

Con amor,

Elder Brown
He didn't take any pictures this week, so he posed for a quick one to send home!

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