Monday, February 6, 2017

Transfers and prepared people!


I got the news! Are you all ready?! OK, well, I am going to be staying in New Rochelle with Elder Frei!!! I am so stoked!! So, that's going to be 5 transfers here in New Rochelle and a total of 5 transfers with Elder Frei! Haha, I cannot believe how blessed I legit am to be able to have amazing companions and amazing areas! In total, I have spent 10 transfers with 2 companions and 3 with another 2 companions! We have a lot of good stuff going on in the area and so it really was an answer to a prayer that I get to stay here for one more!! I love my mission!

I totally thought I was going to be leaving and so I was saying goodbye to everyone. Then when we found out on Saturday and I came to church the next day and was like, “JUST KIDDING! I'M STAYING!” Haha, and so that was pretty embarrassing! Haha, but this past week was so great! We had so many amazing experiences as always! We do Noche de Hogar (Family Night), and it started off with just one family, right, but then they started inviting friends and those friends invited people and it has gotten pretty big! So, we have family night every week with a bunch of not-yet members and it is so cool! That's just a little example of how amazing the members of this ward are! I'll send a pic of our “Noche de hogar” this past Monday. This is like half the people, and 3 are actually members! Amazing people!

Noche De Hogar (Family Night)

 God blessed us this week with one of the most prepared people I have ever met in my life! We received this referral from a member in Peru. It was of her daughter that was going through a hard time. So we went to her house and we talked to a lady who happened to be the sister of the person we were looking for. She told us that she had moved, gave us her new address, and then we were able to teach her and set up a return appointment. We then went to the new address, knocked on the door and talked to a lady named Cynthia! She was super interested and we taught her and set up a return appointment, and then she told us where Luz actually lived, which was just the door to the left! We finally found her! AND SHE BASICALLY IS A MEMBER! She was teaching us about the Book of Mormon and talked about how she wanted to get baptized with her parents, but didn't feel ready. She then came here and has been looking for the church ever since! She is so legit and we are excited for what is to come with her. And she happens to be good friends with Cynthia and is now teaching her when we aren't there! Prepared people!!

We were walking down the street this past week and began to talk to a lady who was walking her dog. She was really nice and she invited us to come back and teach her more about the gospel. Well, when we go back... SHE ALREADY HAD A BOOK OF MORMON! Haha, she had been taught by missionaries like 7 Years before and had still been reading her Book of Mormon regularly since then! Haha, how amazing is that! She loved the Book of Mormon so much that she has been reading it ever since!! The power is in the book!! Prepared people!

One of the people we had at church this past Sunday is Jose!! Haha, he is such a stud! He is one of the most Catholic men I have ever met in my life, but like halfway through Sacrament we saw his little face poking through the window. We went and brought him in and he loved it! (It always helps when it's testimony meeting) and he made a ton of awesome friends while at church! Jose is an awesome guy! I love him to death!

Well, I love you all!! Hope you have a legendary week!

Con amor,

Elder Brown

Farewell cake! Now he's embarrassed he isn't leaving!

An "interesting" farewell gift.

The zone.
This and the following pictures are from Sister Smith's mission blog at Mission Leader Conference.

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  1. You just keep on keeping on! Look at the great work you are doing! Love your letters!