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So, I am sure in every missionary’s email you will hear about the changes that are going on in the mission, so I won't take the time to explain all of that, but I am so grateful for our apostles and prophets and their kind words and encouragement and revelation. It's a blessing to have such wise and inspired men as our leaders!

So, something super-duper sad happened this week... our amazing Honduran family is moving 😭😭😭! They told us this past week that they are going to be moving down to the Bronx where it is cheaper and they can be closer to work and family. That was a heartbreaker for Elder Frei and me. We loved them so much!! So, Kenneth won't be getting baptized this coming Sunday, but they are so strong and we hope that the missionaries there in the Bronx can help them receive the blessings of baptism and confirmation. Maybe this transfer I will get transferred back to the Bronx and I could teach them still! 😉😉  This Sunday was their last one and maybe my second to last one, and I was able to give a talk and just being up in front of this ward made me want to cry (in fact I did just a little), because they are so amazing! Hopefully I can stay another 6 weeks!

The other day Julian got to spend the whole entire day with us! Haha, that guy is a stud missionary! Anyways, we helped the family with the move and then we went to try and visit as many people as we could. We went to talk to this lady, Rosi. Rosi has investigated the church for like 5 years. She never got baptized, but then lost the fire and now she hosts a different church in her little store that she has. I don't know, but ever since the first time we met with her I have felt like one day she will be baptized. I have no clue when that is going to be, but I just don't worry too much about her because I know that one day she will accept the gospel and be baptized. But anyways, we decided to go see her while we were with Julian. She started off the lesson super closed up and saying that she didn't want to read the Book of Mormon and how she has always felt like the church has pushed her to be baptized, but we just listened and bore short little strong testimonies here and there. She opened up and we began to see her mind-set change right there in front of our eyes! It was amazing! She started talking about how she misses the church and the feelings she got there. We invited her to come to church, but here is the catch....this lady hasn't come to church in 5 years!!!! And now she even holds a church service at her place, but we invited her, and she came! All three of us were stoked out of our minds! She also stayed for the baptism that was after church and she felt it! She felt the Spirit! I'm not sure if she will be baptized soon or when that will happen, but I know it will happen one day!

I know I said I wouldn't talk too much about the mission broadcast we had, but I just wanted to share a short thought that I had about what was said. A lot of times we wonder, “how do I know if I am a good missionary, or a good parent? How do I know if I am good enough for our Heavenly Father?” Well, the wise words from David A. Bednar gave me a lot of comfort. He said, “STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT!” In everything we do, we have the promise that if we forget ourselves and not worry about us that we will be given blessings. When we put away self-motives and let the Spirit work through us, miracles will be more occurring! Elder Bednar blew my mind in the broadcast. I know we aren't supposed to have favorites, but he for sure stole my favorite spot!

So, this might be my last week here - transfers are on next Tuesday. I really hope I stay! Like, I really, really, really want to stay, but I'll go where he wants me to go! The weather is not too warm here. I'm actually freezing my little buns off! Everyone thinks that cold weather doesn't affect people from Utah, cause we are so used to it, but it most certainly affects me! Haha, but we are enjoying every single second of it!
Thanks for everything my wonderful family and friends! 

Con amor, 
Elder Brown 
Caiden and another missionary

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