Monday, January 23, 2017

The Spirit of the Lord is real.

Wow! It sounds like y’all just had a blast there in Mexico! I wish the weather here was nice and warm like y’all had it the past week. The wind here is terrible! Haha, but I bet you are enjoying cold Utah again! ;)  I'm glad you guys got to have fun though and spend time as a family!! I love you all so much!

So, this week was so amazing! We had so many spiritual experiences with people that will be life time memories!

Story number one for the week: 
A couple Sundays ago Obispo gave us some names of people that he wanted us to go visit. There were like 10 names and so we went to work. NOBODY WAS HOME! We had gone to 9 homes and not a single person answered. Well, the last name was Diego C., and he happened to be home! We didn't get to talk to him much, but we set up an appointment for the next week. Since then we have tried to meet with him so many times, but he never lets us in!! Like, he was home and all, but just wouldn't answer the door. We were kinda mad, haha, but anyways we went to go look him up the other day and as we went into his apartment building we noticed that a delivery man with food was going to his same apartment. Now he is going to have to open the door to us this time! Haha, so the guy gave him his food and he let us in. We had a great lesson with him and he told us how he feels really bad about how he didn't go on a mission, but how we wants to raise his kids up so that they go on missions. It was legendary! Haha, after the prayer we asked him the simple question of when he has felt God's love before in his life and he answered with a thousand different stories that he had in his youth and we could just feel Diego’s desire to come back and have those experiences again. I've learned a valuable lesson after having a spiritual experience that becomes part of you. I believe the spiritual experiences we have make us become who we are. But sometimes we forget. The lack of frequency of these experiences causes us to stop looking and to forget, but they STILL happened! It was a cool experience for us to help us recognize that our Bishop knows his ward and received revelation for it!

Number two:
Don't know if I ever talked about a lady named Ruth in past letters, but she was so cool and Elder Hinckley and I met her my first transfer here. She was amazing and on the first lesson she was like, “when can me and my family be baptized?” So, she was legit, but we lost contact with her until Friday, when we felt like we should go try and see her. We had previously dropped her because we had tried getting in contact with her for like 3 months, 3 times a week. We felt like we should set up an appointment where we could bring a third male with us, and Julian came with us on Saturday. We had an awesome lesson with her and she is just so prepared!

I am so grateful for the Spirit. I feel it every day, and it's incredible to see people feel that same thing. Again, this Sunday, the Spirit I felt during the sacrament was life changing. I know our Savior lives.

We are hoping that our boy, Kenneth, will be getting baptized on Feb 12! His parents won't be able to get baptized because they have to get divorced and then married, but we are stoked for HIM! The kid is a straight up stud! He is going to be the best missionary in a short 7 Years. You should hear that 11 year old’s prayers - so sincere and so loving!

Well, that was our week! I wish I could explain better and more of the amazing things that happened this week! My companion is the best! This area is like heaven and I love every moment of it! 

Con amor, 

Elder Brown

He titled this one as "A crazy kid named Mario".

Kenneth, the 11 year old with a baptismal date in February

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