Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Food, food, food!!! And goals!!‏

Hey family and friends!

I feel super grateful! I love y’all so much and I am grateful to have y’all in my life. The time I have out here in New York is short, but I am so grateful that I can be here and share the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ. I can say without a doubt that this mission has changed my life. I will never be the same person again, and I am so eternally grateful for that!

This past week was an awesome one and super busy! We were able to spend a lot of time with the members this week and really get to know them so much more. I’ve never met more people just so willing to share the gospel with everyone, and they just show so much love towards the missionaries. Haha, it is awesome I can’t lie! I think we ate like 20 meals this past week with members, haha, and it’s been cool to be able to use technology. So while we are in member’s homes we can just Skype in investigators and have lessons with the members there. Technology really is a blessing. The only bad part really about this past week was that there was so much food I got fat again ;) hahaha!

We met some LEGENDARY people this week as well!! Once again we were doing less actives look ups (like every miracle I ever tell starts out with that, haha) and we knocked this door. Well, this super awesome lady opens up and started telling us how she always used to meet with the missionaries back in Peru, and that like all of her friends were Mormons. She said she didn’t have time to have us over, but to come back the next day at around lunch time. So we come back and the family lets us in and they had prepared us Lomo Saltado. I don’t know if any of you know what that is, but it is legit the best Hispanic dish in the whole entire world! So we were pretty stoked. After lunch we had a sweet lesson with them about the plan of salvation. Her mom died not too long ago and she had tons of questions about where she was, if she was going to see her, ect ect. And all y’all that have served missions know that when investigators ask dope questions about the plan of salvation they normally end up being pretty dang cool! And they seriously are like the coolest people ever! We have super high hopes for them! Pray for Ruth and her family!

So, supposedly this Friday some people from Salt Lake City are coming down here on Friday and are going to be spending the day filming and observing what we do and stuff. Haha, that’s pretty sketchy. We don’t have too many details on that whole situation, so hopefully I can tell you more about that next week. But it should be a good learning experience! ;)

Recently in the zone we have been setting some pretty awesome goals. It has been cool to see how just by setting a goal and having that goal in our minds always can bring about such a big change in what we are doing. I don’t know, I feel like a lot of times in our lives we set these goals and then we just forget them, or we say, nah, tomorrow I will work on it, or whatever it may be, but the point is that after we set a goal we just have to do it!!! THERE IS NO SPECIAL SAUCE TO REACHING GOALS…IT’S JUST DOING IT. Nike’s words really do have some wisdom! I have seen that in my mission - if we want something we have to go out and do it and get it. No one is going to give it to us on a silver platter, but it is ours for the taking. I’m a super big fan of goal setting!

Well, that’s my little ramble for the day! Haha, I love you all! Thanks for everything! Let’s have another great week!

Love, Elder Brown

Some New York pizza 

Some activities

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