Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Burying the weapons of war!‏

This week was awesome! A week full of amazing learning experiences and growth! I wish y’all could just come be my companions so that you could see how cool this work really is!  I try to explain it the best I can every week, but no one can explain the spirit that comes along with personal experiences.
We had an awesome MLC meeting this past week!  The focus of the meeting was burying our weapons of rebellion. Out of all the stories in the Book of Mormon, I would have to say this one beats them all! The righteousness and the willingness of the Lamanites makes me want to become a better missionary. As a missionary and as members of the church we aren’t asked to give up our lives, nor every single second of our lives, but we are asked to live our lives in accordance with our callings - whether that is a missionary, a mother, or a home teacher - we have to make the sacrifices to receive the blessings of heaven! I had one of the most spiritual experiences of my life as we ended the meeting singing the song “Armies of Helaman! The Spirit testified to me again that this is the work of the Lord, that all of us have been saved for these latter days to build the Lord’s kingdom in righteous ways! THAT SONG IS LEGIT LEGENDARY! Haha, I love it so much!
These following pictures are from MLC (mission leader conference)

We are teaching some awesome people right now! Man, it just makes me so excited! Haha, so we teach this family - Hermana Roxanna and her two daughters Christina and Carolina - and they are so awesome! Roxanna and Carolina will be baptized on Oct 15 and they are super stoked. Little Christina isn’t 8 yet, so she will have to wait a little bit, but she too is excited for when she turns 8! We also teach Juan Carlos and Veronica. So, they have been investigating for years! Their son is a member, but they aren’t married and Veronica is actually married with someone else in Peru. So there is a lot of paper work they need to get figured out before they are baptized. It’s tough because they are so cool. They are like the strongest members in the ward and they aren’t even members, haha, but we just need a miracle to get these papers!  The last lesson we had with them we were talking about fasting and Elder Hinckley, out of nowhere, promises them that if we all fasted together on Sunday and they did everything they could to get the papers, that by the end of the month the papers would come! Haha, wow the Spirit was super incredible!!! I know the power of the fast is real and I know that if this family does all they can and if it’s the will of our Heavenly Father that they will get their papers by the end of the Month! :)
OK, so we had just gotten out of an appointment and we had about 15 minutes until we had to teach English class, so we decided we were going to knock a couple doors right around the church. The first door we knock, a lady named Elizabeth answers and this lady is super cool! She tells us how she used to go to our church every Sunday, but of course work and stuff got in the way and she stopped going. So we taught her a little bit right there at the door and she invited us to come back another day. So, we come back and the whole family is there and they are all AMAZING! Such an awesome family! They are really big into their Catholic religion, but want to come back and try the “Mormons” again!  Please keep them in your Prayers!  Your prayers really do make a difference! :)
I love you all so much! Thanks for the emails! They really do mean a lot!
Love, Elder Brown
This kid reminds me so much of Blake!  They are like the same! 

The pad! (by that I think he means these Elders are all in the same apartment as he is)

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