Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The "New Roc" life! (Short for New Rochelle)

Buenas tardes familia! Como siempre tuvimos una semana fantástica!
This week as always was another incredible one! To start off, Seidy’s baptism went really Amazing!  We had a goal to invite literally everyone to the baptism and it turned out really well! The whole chapel was packed and we were even blessed with the presence of President Smith and his family!  Let me tell you a little about Seidy! She is probably one of the coolest people I have ever met in my whole entire life! When she first began her journey in the church she wasn't really interested in it... she basically just came to church because her friend invited her and she didn't want to be rude. Well, as she continued coming she kept feeling a spirit that "wouldn't leave her alone", and so she decided she was going to start taking things a little more seriously and listening to the missionaries on a regular basis. The day she accepted a baptismal date she lost her job. She is a single mom with two little kids under the ages of 4, and so losing her job was a big struggle. She continued with the church and continued praying to find a new job. Not long after she was offered a job (a really good job at that), but it wouldn’t permit her to come to church on Sunday because she would be working. To most I feel like this would be a hard decision to make... take this really nice job or put it off and be jobless but be able to attend church. But it wasn't hard for Seidy! With loads of faith she declined the job and continued praying. 2 weeks before her baptism she was able to find a job. It was a tender experience for me listening to her testimony the following Sunday and to be able to think, “how can I build my own faith so that when hard decisions come that I don't have to think twice?” I extend that same question to y’all today! :)
A cool miracle this week... so we were going to look up a less active and he wasn't there. We had about 10 minutes until our next appointment and we didn't have any back up plans, so we decided we were going to take it up with the Lord. We both went and said our own personal prayer and we came back together to see which of all the doors we should knock. Well, we came back together and I looked at Elder Hinckley and he looked at me and at the exact same time we pointed at the same door! So we knocked and just the Rojas family opened up! They are soo legit!  They had met with missionaries like 2 years ago and weren't really sure why they stopped coming by. Prayers don't always get answered so quickly and sometimes God lets us use our best judgement, but it is always cool when you can see the immediate results of your prayers.
Probably the biggest lesson I learned this week like I said before was I think I really gained a knowledge of what faith is. We always say faith is believing in things that we can't see, right? And that is completely true, but I don't think I really understood that until this week.  We were having a tough day yesterday with just a lot of knocking doors and a lot of no's, when we knock into a family who happily invited us into their home. We had a great lesson of the restoration with the whole family and it was awesome. As we got up to leave the dad said something on the lines of "I will read the book and all, but I want you guys to know that we are from another religion." As we left the home I felt kind of bummed... like oh they're from "that" church, they are never going to change. But then I thought to myself, “ELDER BROWN, OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH!” What was I thinking?!?! The promise of the Book of Mormon is that anyone with a sincere heart that reads it with true intent will receive a testimony of its divinity, but in that moment I don't think I trusted or realized the truthfulness of that promise. It all comes down to doubting our doubts before we doubt our faith. Our faith will never fail us and I KNOW THAT IS TRUE!
You all are the BEST!  Love you more than I can ever explain! 
Love, Elder Brown

They had a baptism this past weekend. Her name is Seidy

Caiden and Elder Hinckley

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