Friday, October 23, 2015

Things can get rough in the "Hood"!

Wow another crazzzzzyyy week here in the Bronx! I'll start off with kind of the bad news I guess. As we were playing basketball with the local studs, I got on to play my first game and I got elbowed in my face. I fell to the ground and blood just started pouring everywhere, all over the ground, all over my clothes, everywhere. I ran to the bathroom to see what was up and I guess I had bitten all the way through my lip! So we called Elder Gardner, who is the medical senior missionary, and he told us to run the hospital and get it stitched up. We waited at the hospital for about 4 hours and by the time I had gotten stitched up and back home it was 1:30 in the morning. Such a long and crazy night. They only ended up giving me three stitches on the outside because they didn't want to sow it up on both sides and get the infection trapped! It was a fun night! :) I'll attach some pics.
Waiting in the hospital

Inside of his lip

Outside of his lip

So, Lily's baptism was on Sunday and it was seriously so awesome! The Spirit was so incredible and you could just see the happiness and excitement on her face that day! I don't think there was a happier day than when I saw her enter into the waters of baptism and to start a new life. Such a joyful experience and one I will never forget that is for sure! The Gospel truly does change lives and really does bring a happiness that you can't get anywhere else. All these people in New York are so caught up in the things that bring worldly happiness and I just sit back and laugh because if only they knew the eternal happiness that gospel brought their lives would be significantly better. That's why I am so happy to be out here and to be a missionary; to share the happiness I have with others! Man I love it!! Still really scared to give her the Holy Ghost on Sunday, so pray that I have the gift of tongues hahaha.
At Lili's baptism
I love all the people here so much, it's insane! I love my district tons, but it's sad because this week is transfers and lots of them are leaving! We have gotten so tight and I'm going to be sad to see them leave. I am probably staying here for a couple more transfers. Well, I hope at least. I have gotten to know and love all the members in the ward so much and I have a huge love for every single person we teach! We are praying that Rigoberto's back starts to heal up so he can start coming to church again and get baptized. So keep him in your prayers! We also have baptisms planned the beginning of November for Kelly Estevez (hopefully is wife and kids too) and for this awesome kid named Natan that we met not to long ago! He is awesome. He just moved here from the Dominican Republic and loves learning about the gospel! Continue to pray for them!

On Saturday me and Elder Hinckley and some other missionaries from the city had the opportunity to go to this huge mega mutual thing in Harlem and supervise. It was awesome to see all the kids from New York come together on a Saturday and learn with the missionaries. We talked about the importance of being missionaries right now! Even if that be just sharing your testimony with a friend, invited them to meet with the missionaries, or simply just posting a scripture or short spiritual video on Facebook. The difference you can make is seriously unmeasurable. I know you all have strong testimonies, so put them to work! I want to invite you all this week to share a quick spiritual thought on Facebook or whatever social media it may be! Let's change lives! Smiling face with open mouthSmiling face with open mouth

I can't explain the love I have for my mission even though I have only been out like 2 and a half months. I really do have the best mission in the world! Nothing can compete. The people here are awesome! The food is great! And it's just the best! I still can't express all my feelings to the people, but I pray and hope that through my broken Spanish testimony that the Spirit can touch their heart! Guess what? THE SCRIPTURES ARE SO AWESOME! Getting the chance to really pick them apart has been something I cherish in my heart. The Book of Mormon truly is the word of God! It is evidence of the restoration of the Gospel, that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and most importantly, that our Savior lives. Just like it says on the cover - Another testament of Jesus Christ. And it sure is that! I love it so much! And I love you all so much! You are seriously the best people! Love you with all my heart!! 

Elder Brown

Oh and P.S. Mom, these black shoes are already holey as can be... Like you can see my idk what to do about that.
A couple of pictures from the President's wife's blog when they ran into each other at the Manhattan temple on P-day

Missionary shoes a little over 2 months in

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