Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A tough week here at home...hard news for Caiden.

Wow, I can't explain the way I am feeling right now... The news of Tressler's death hit me really hard. And, at this point I can't really stop crying. I loved that guy so much, and he was such a great example to me and I will never forget that or him. I'm so shocked, I am at a lose for words really. He was always so nice to me. I always payed special attention to Tressler and the little things he did. What a great man and what an amazing leader and example he was for every single youth in the ward. I am seriously so sad. This is really hard for me. I loved him so much and I could go off about how amazing of a man I think he is, but I'll just leave it at I love him. I really do and I am and will be praying constantly for the Tressler family. Make sure they know my love for them and the example that Spencer was to me.

It's kind of hard to say anything else, really, after hearing that news and talking about that, but I am sure you guys would like to know how my week went, so I will fill you in a little bit. It really was a great week! I know I say that every single week, but it's true! Constantly meeting new people who are ready for the gospel and literally every second sharing your testimony with someone. The power of a testimony is limitless.

The confirmation of Lily went really well! I did the best I could and the Spirit was there and that is all that matters. The Spanish has its highs and lows and right now it's at a low, but all I do can do is continually work on it and hope that when the next high comes it stays! Spanish is so cool though, I love it. It's crazy to think that 3 months ago I barely knew how to say como esta y ahora, puedo entender y hablar con todos de los nativos. Gift of tongues sure is a real thing!

I want to tell you a little bit about all the progressing investigators that we are working with really closely right now and are looking for baptisms this transfer, because I don't think I have really talked about them too much. They are the best people so they deserve to be talked about! Hahaha.  We have Rigoberto, who still is hurting a lot and isn't able to get around and come to church, but we meet with him every Friday and call him everyday! He is so ready. He just needs to heal fast! We have Natan who we are working with pretty steadily and preparing him for baptism asap. La familia Estevez! We are now teaching the whole family and they love having us over. They want to take it slow though because they want to know it all before they dive like head first! And we have Fauso who we found when we were doing a look up and he is awesome. I love him to death! He is like 65 and loves reading the Book of Mormon and we plan on setting a date with him this week! We also met this kid named Michael the other day who is awesome!! He is 15 and met with the missionaries before! He also loves reading the Book of Mormon and we are setting a baptism date for him tomorrow! There are so many other people I want to tell you about but there just isn't time. This area is so alive. More than it has ever been and I am so excited for this next transfer to just kill it! I love these people so much! I can't explain in an email or even in words the joy I have when these people feel the Savior's love. That is why I am here. To show people how much the Savior loves them. Because He loves every single person no matter what they have done, no matter who they are, and I have seen that love so strong here in the Bronx!

So yeah, today is transfer day! We just finished with the meeting and are at Buffalo Wild Wings right now! Two people left our district which was sad. I get really attached to people and that is why it's so hard for me to say goodbye to people. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I leave the Bronx.

I love you guys amazingly! The grace of the Savior is so amazing. Use the atonement everyday. It's not just for sins, but for everything. The price is already paid. I love my Savior. I love this gospel. I love my mission. And I love you all! 

Elder brown
Me and my best friend Junior, a member from the Dominican Republic

The "boys" at the Brooklyn Bridge

District Selfie

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  1. Dear Elder Caiden: Just reading your letters is so uplifting! Your ambition and enthusiasm make me so happy ....I always knew of your dedication to sports and family and church --- but, wow! Listening to you now just makes me so unbelievably just is UNREAL! Keep it up, sweetheart! Your drive is amazing .... and I know the source of your power, of course. But, it is so wonderful to hear about it from you. Heartbreaking about Tressler. I love him so much and I have loved him baby sitting the old widow across the street. How amazing to learn at his funeral that I was just one of hundreds. What an example of service and dedication to others. Pretty Christ-like, right? Anyway, bud, I love your gutz and I am so proud of you and your service and success and testimony and devotion and good looks. Love, Sister Fowler