Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Hollllaaa mi familia! 

What a week! A hard and draining week but seriously such an amazing week! Mom, I am so sad to hear that you are sick! I kind of feel your pain a little bit. I have been a little bit under the weather the last couple of days, but nothing like what you have! I'm praying for you guys every single day!! I got your package two days ago! The coat is awesome! You guys did an amazing job at picking it out! And you know me too well with the brownies and the donuts. Love youuu! I don’t think I ever did thank Lois McKay and family for the package they sent me in the MTC! So thanks so much for thinking of me and being so kind to send those sweet socks and gloves and treats! Hinckley will probably be my comp for three cycles because normally your with your trainer for two and then the last cycle in the year is really short so we will probably stay together. The Spanish is coming along better. I'm not even close to fluent but it is coming!

General conference was so amazing!! To be honest it was probably the only time I have stayed awake for all five sessions, but man was it great! We are not supposed to watch conference at member’s houses or investigator’s houses and so they broadcast it at the church. We watched it in English so we could comprehend every little thing. I'm not sure who all came out of the Spanish members because they were watching it in the chapel as we were watching it in the relief society room. We were in there with all the English speakers and three members. Words can't describe the love I have for the prophet and his apostles. These are men of God. The words they spoke this past week are the words of God! It's crazy to think that we just received revelation. That is something that in the past I have most certainly taken for granted. The talk that I really took to heart was Brother Devin Durrant, the one about engraving and ponderizing a scripture every single week. What a great way to keep our minds focused on something good. When our minds and thoughts are idle then the devil can attack us. But when we have this scripture and we think about it whenever our mind wants to be idle it leaves no room for bad, just like Brother Durrant said. I chose 2 Nephi 1:23, it says "Awake my sons, put on the armor of righteousness. Shake off the chains by which ye are bound and come forth out of obscurity, and arise from the dust!" I have this on the screen of my iPad and on sticky notes all over the house and I have already seen the impact of it. If you haven't chosen a scripture... DO IT NOW!! Haha, it will bless your life! There were so many good talks! I loved them all, and yes mom, I cried during the mother one as well! Hahaha, it was also really hard for me to watch President Monson struggle at the pulpit, but one of my friends sent me a story that was really cool about it...

"Most of you probably did not see what was happening behind Pres. Monson at the end of his talk today.  
I was on the floor, just a few rows from the very front of the conference center with a clear view of the scene. 
You might have noticed that Pres. Monson really struggled to finish the last couple minutes of his talk and especially the last 30 seconds.  I was afraid for him.  I thought he might faint, pass out, or something worse.  And then... my heart melted when I saw, behind Pres. Monson was: Pres. Uchtdorf…
....on the edge of his seat, almost half way standing up, with his arms stretched out, ready to catch the Prophet at any moment if he fell.  
You could see the worried expression on Uchtdorf's face as well as focused determination.  He was on high alert and ready to catch him.  
...As soon as Pres. Monson said "Amen", Uchtdorf was immediately at his side and carried him back to his seat, safe and sound.  
What a great analogy and correlation to the love and support that exists and has existed between these men and all the leaders over the years. 
Elder Bednar also spoke of this love in his heart felt remarks.  
...I know that likewise, the Savior is on the edge of His seat, ready to catch us if we fall.  
I am so grateful to have heard so many beautiful words today...
And to have SEEN such precious love and care displayed.  
I won't soon forget"

How cool is that!? I love the connection she makes with the Savior. Like I have said time and time again, He is there and will catch us if we fall; Every time. Conference was a great experience and I am so excited to read them over and over again.

Okay, so Lili and her baptism interview was last night and she passed, so she will be baptized this month and I am so excited. She was an investigator they had before I got here, but I have gotten to know her really well. She is so funny and is always cracking jokes! Her ultimate goal is to go through the temple with her husband someday. The gospel has changed her life.

There have been so many great experiences this week, but mostly I have gained a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. I've read it and I know of its truthfulness. I've seen it bless lives and I know without a doubt in my mind that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. He was called of God to be a prophet and I know that! I love you guys and all your examples! Hope you have the best week! 

Much love Elder Brown
Me and Juan Carlos's kids.. With the rings mom sent. They love them

Me and another one of Juan Carlos's kids... He is my best friend! Haha

Just at the subway chillin'

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