Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Spirit works wonders!!!

Hey fam! 

I don't have that much time today! We have been super busy so far today and we are now in Manhattan for my last time, and so we are trying to soak in all we can and do everything! We were just at the Brooklyn bridge and now we are going to head to Rucker Park and hopefully they will have the wood out there and we can play some fun ball!

Well, this week was.... LEGENDARY!! Every week it just keeps on getting better and better and Elder Munoz and I are seeing some awesome things happen. I probably felt the Spirit more in this week than I have in any other week in my life. It wasn't like one experience that was super spiritual, rather it was just a constant spiritual high and it felt amazing and so refreshing. It was my last zone conference yesterday, and it was a tough thing for me. But it was such a great meeting and as I sat there and listened to the last prayer be given the Spirit touched me to the point of tears and said "This is it Elder Brown... you got 4 weeks go. LETS GO!!" I pray to be able to keep the conviction until the end.

It was Junior's first week at church this Sunday and he loved it. Junior lives with two less active members named Migdalia and Alba, and all of them plus Alba's sister and home attendant were able to make it out to church. For all of those that have been missionaries before, you know what that feeling is when you see one of your families walk into sacrament meeting after it starts and you thought they weren't going to make it... it's a priceless feeling. Well, Junior loved sacrament and even came to tears during one of the talks. The next lesson we had with him after that we invited him to be baptized and he was very hesitant, but as we spoke of the Savior and his willingness to be obedient and be baptized you could just see the Spirit work on him and he committed to be baptized on the 29th of July. He is the funniest man ever.

The other day Elder Munoz and I went to the church do a little of online work. When we  walked in we saw 2 non-member boys playing basketball in the gym. It wasn't really unusual so we went up to the second floor and started working. Well, while I listened to the ball bounce on the floor below we just felt the prompting to go and talk with the two kids. We were able to have a sweet lesson and then committed them to come to church! Hopefully things turn out cool for them. 

Well, I am out of time! Love you all so much!

Con amor, 
Elder Brown

Harold, his Mom and Caiden

Missionary tags on the Brooklyn Bridge

Caiden, Munoz, Stevens and Davis on the Brooklyn Bridge

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