Thursday, June 15, 2017

Get ready for.....The Final Transfer(Or, the best six weeks)!!!


Wow... it is insane to think that I am in my last transfer serving here in New York. So, transfers happened yesterday as well! I get to stay here in Olmstead with Elder Munoz to finish it all off! I am sooo excited. As Elder Munoz and I sat down to set some goals and to make some plans, we really just want to make this last one the best one of them all. I pray that we can see miracles this last transfer and be able to give it our best. I want to be able to look back on this transfer and the whole entire time I have been able to serve the Lord full time and say that I gave all my effort that this sacred work deserves. I am grateful for an amazing companion that is helping me with that as well. I loved the quote you sent me last week mom and I decided that I was going to memorize it and state it every morning before personal study! 😊 

It was Elder Muñoz’s birthday on Sunday and we had a great day! We had a lot better outcome than we did last week and basically everyone that said they were going to come, came, and so that was a nice birthday present for Elder Munoz! The sad part is that this Sunday was Waldir’s last Sunday at church before I go home. In the past he wasn't able to come to church because of a job he had working at a restaurant in Manhattan where he had to work on Sundays. So, he came up with a little business idea that he wanted to do and so he quit the job at the restaurant so he could come on Sundays, but everything that had to happen for his idea didn't work out in time and he ended up having to take the restaurant job again! When he told us that it just broke our hearts. We have been seeing him progress so much and it brought tears to my eyes knowing that I won't be able to see him at church anymore. But he made a promise to bishop that every Saturday night he would come with us to the church to set up chairs for church and clean before Sunday! I love that guy! It was Diana and Johnny’s first Sunday at church as well and even though they were sick as dogs they loved it so much and are super excited to start coming every week! Gabriella also made it out with her son Dylan. Oscar, her husband, didn't come which was a big bummer, but we were able to have an awesome lesson with them last night about their future goal of getting sealed and so we are stoked to be able to help them with that! Hopefully Oscar will feel the desire to get baptized soon and start progressing little by little to that eternal family!

A couple of days ago we had an appointment cancel. Luckily, we haven't been having too many of those lately! 😉😂 We had a couple of back up plans in the schedule, but we didn't feel like any of them were right, so we decided we would look up this man that had been sitting in our area book for a long time, but we had never really put much thought or effort into him. We had called him and stuff, but we had never been able to talk with him. So, we went to his house. He opened the door so excited to see us, kind of like he had been waiting for us all day! We had an awesome lesson and we set up the baptism for July. He has got a lot of road blocks ahead of him and so just keep Charley in your prayers!

This week it was some type of Puerto Rican Independence Day or something, and things in the streets of the Bronx were crazy!! Puerto Rican flags everywhere and people go crazy! All the fire hydrants where open and water flowing everywhere and the weather has been super good and so the streets have been packed! What I pictured the Bronx being before I came here was exactly what it looked like! Haha, this week was great!! I love you all so much! 

Con amor, Elder Brown 
Caiden and Dylan

Gabriella and crew

Dylan says his favorite super hero is...himself!

The District

The Zone


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